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Are you considering offshore IT staff augmentation? But are you worried about handling time zone differences? Don’t worry we have got you covered with tips to handle time zone differences with offshore development teams. Let’s get into it below.

Man working with IT staff augmentation handling timezone difference

When using an offshore IT staff augmentation handling timezone differences can be a challenge. But it’s not the end of the world and there is a way to make offshore development teams work.

Explore with us why it’s worth using offshore 👉 IT staff augmentation 👈. Moreover, what scenarios are best for using offshore development teams? Also, come along with us on a journey of essential tips to make the most of offshore teams. Learn with us about the cost savings you get by hiring offshore team members via IT staff augmentation. Let’s get into all below.

Why use offshore IT staff augmentation?

Many companies around the world use offshore IT staff augmentation to save money and gain time. Additionally, tech companies enjoy using offshore development teams to have more diversity in their companies. They want to be able to get the best developers from around the globe to help with their projects.

Offshore development teams can also be useful if you are looking to have someone work around the clock on your project. The goal here may be to get the project done faster. Having a team working while you are sleeping may help speed up your time to market.

Lastly, 👉 offshore development teams 👈 can give you access to software developers who have advanced skills in a specific tech stack. You can have your pick who you would like to hire to help you bring your project to life.

Group of young software developers sitting in modern office talking to each other

When to use offshore teams?

There are a few times when using an offshore team is the right choice for your business. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios.

  1. Cost-efficiency: Offshore development teams are often chosen to reduce development costs. If a tech company operates in a region with high labor costs or faces budget constraints. Using developers from countries with lower labor costs can be an attractive option. Offshore teams can provide comparable quality of work at a significantly lower cost. This allows the company to divide resources more efficiently.
  2. Scalability and Flexibility: Offshore development teams offer scalability and flexibility. Making it easier to meet varying project requirements. If a tech company experiences a sudden increase in workload or needs to scale up development efforts quickly, offshore teams can provide extra resources. This is also possible without the need for lengthy recruitment processes. This allows the company to adapt to changing project needs more effectively.
  3. Time zone advantages: Offshore development teams located in different time zones can enable 24/7 development cycles. This arrangement allows a tech company to achieve faster turnaround times. This is because work can progress even when the onshore team is offline. This can be particularly beneficial for companies that operate in global markets. Also for tech companies that have tight project deadlines.

It’s important to note that while there are several benefits to using offshore development teams, companies should carefully consider their specific needs. Moreover, they should consider cultural differences, language barriers, and effective communication channels to ensure successful collaboration and project outcomes.

Benefits of hiring an offshore development team

Let’s go over some of the top benefits of hiring an offshore development team through IT staff augmentation.

Focus on the core of your business

You can delegate a specific project to an offshore development team while your onsite in-house team focuses on core business tasks. This way you get everything done, without wasting internal resources. Moreover, you can boost your profits by having multiple teams taking care of different projects. While also having employees who will handle day-to-day tasks.

Programming background with person working with codes on computer using the newest tech stack

Leverage access to the latest tech

Offshore team augmentation can help you gain access to developers that specialize in the latest technologies. Moreover, you can gain specialists in niche technologies. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. You are able to keep up with the demand for the newest technologies using offshore teams.

You can gain lucrative projects thanks to leveraging the 👉 latest tech stacks 👈 with augmented developers from around the world. In some cases, you may find that certain customers will come to you, just because you have certain experts on your team.

Lastly, leveraging new technology can help make your software development project better. New technologies can solve problems or fix bugs in development projects. These improvements can make your customers happy and boost your revenue.

A large global talent pool

IT staff augmentation gives you access to a wide talent pool. You can hire diverse talent from around the world to build your software development team. Also, you are able to access more than enough CVs to vet through and pick the best offshore developers. Therefore, you will have developers to 👉 push your product development forward 👈.

Additionally, you can access the developer that you need much faster because you are no longer limited to your local market. If you want you can create a super team of augmented software engineers to build a development team for your specific project.

Tips to master time zone differences with offshore augmented teams

Let us share with you our times for handling time zone differences with 👉 offshore development teams 👈.

Choose overlapping timezones

You choose a location where your working hours overlap. In most European countries you will be able to overlap 2 to 4 working hours with your team. Overlapping the time of work can improve project coordination. So both your teams will work during a certain time period. Moreover, this way you can collaborate, exchange information, and keep everyone on the same page.

Adapt Agile methodology with offshore team

Adopting Agile methodology with offshore software development teams can bring numerous benefits to an organization. Firstly, Agile’s iterative and incremental approach allows for regular feedback and collaboration. This helps in ensuring that the development process remains transparent and adaptable. This is particularly crucial when working with offshore teams because it helps bridge the geographical and cultural gaps. Moreover, it helps in fostering effective communication and minimizing misunderstandings.

Agile’s emphasis on self-organizing teams encourages autonomy and ownership among offshore developers. This enables them to make timely decisions and adapt to changing project requirements efficiently. Additionally, Agile’s focus on delivering working software in short iterations promotes a faster time-to-market. This will allow organizations to respond swiftly to market demands and gain a competitive edge.

Moreover, Agile’s continuous integration and delivery practices facilitate seamless coordination. Moreover, it enables for integration of code from multiple locations, ensuring a smooth workflow with offshore teams. By embracing Agile methodology, organizations can 👉 maximize the productivity 👈 and collaboration of their offshore software development teams. This will ultimately result in high-quality software products and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Side view of man having an online video call with coworkers overseas

Use communication tools

There are many useful communication channels that you can take advantage of in order to work with offshore teams. Some popular tools include Slack, Jira, and Asana. If you are looking to organize video chats you may decide to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meets. These tools can be used to create an asynchronous communication strategy.

You will be able to have a stream of communication. Moreover, offshore developers will be able to set up statuses to show that they are online or offline. If they are working or not. Moreover, they will be able to give you progress updates as to what they did when you were asleep. Additionally, they will be able to let you know what they need, if something is blocking their progress and preventing them from pushing your project forward.

Set up timelines in advance

Another key tip when it comes to IT staff augmentation handle time zone differences is by setting up timelines in advance. You can use project management tools to do this. Set up tasks and deadlines for a few weeks in advance, so that your offshore software development team has enough work to do. Moreover, then you don’t need to be constantly checking up on your remote team to ensure they have enough work. Setting up realistic timelines will help you ensure project success.

Distraught businessman reading problematic email on laptop in the office when using IT staff augmentation: handling timezone difference

Be prepared to flex your flexibility muscles

Another way to handle time zone differences is to remain flexible. You need to be flexible when planning meetings with your remote teams. Moreover, you should remain flexible with augmented staff when it comes to various tech solutions.

Here at Swyply, our developers can do more than just code your projects. They can act as consultants. Swyply developers can provide you with new better tech solutions for your project. They can also explain tough concepts to you or your customer. Lastly, they can suggest a better way to organize a software development project, to complete it faster. Being open to all these suggestions can help you improve various aspects.

Set up follow-up process for offshore development teams

Another key thing you want to put in place when working with offshore software development teams is follow-up processes. You want to have a plan for how to approach exchanging information on the project. The last thing you want is misunderstandings or communication breakdowns. It’s best to establish clear communication protocols from the very beginning.

One way to set up follow-ups is by scheduling meetings with your offshore team and having a project manager who can successfully manage the team but also relay information through all parties.

Moreover, when you have offshore development teams make sure to give enough feedback. Providing feedback will help you be more satisfied with the end result of your project. Also, providing feedback during follow-ups will help keep everyone on the same page.


What is an IT staff augmentation offshore time zone salary?

Using IT staff augmentation offshore development teams can be less expensive than hiring within your local market. If it’s not less expensive, it may be more cost-effective. Let’s explain how this is possible.

The cost of hiring offshore software engineers via IT staff augmentation can be cost-effective because you are only paying one rate. You are given a daily rate for each developer. At the end of the month that daily rate is multiplied by the number of days worked and you receive an invoice. If you partner with Swyply, you will have 14 days to pay the 👉 invoice for the augmented developers 👈.

Using offshore IT staff augmentation you don’t have to worry about paying for costs such as taxes, health insurance, vacation time, and sick leave. Here at Swyply, we also pay for employee perks such as laptops, e-learning courses, and co-financing home office furniture.

Line of offshore coders using laptops working on a software development project. IT staff augmentation: handling timezone difference

TL;DR: Summary of IT staff augmentation: handling timezone difference

Using offshore development teams can be a challenge. Hiring developers from overseas via IT staff augmentation means handling timezone differences. Across the world, we have 24 different time zones. The time zone difference needs to be properly managed with various tools in order to carry out a software development project without a hitch.

Working with a time zone difference can be made easier with some of the following tips:

  • Choose overlapping timezones
  • Adapt Agile methodology with an offshore team
  • Use communication tools
  • Set up timelines in advance
  • Be prepared to flex your flexibility muscles
  • Set up follow-up process for offshore development teams

Want to learn more about how to supplement your local development team with offshore developers, 👉 drop us a line 👈. Let’s chat about handling timezone differences with augmented staff. Build a strong team with offshore development team members and carry your projects forward.

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