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If you are a company looking for augmented staff members, or a developer looking for work, you may be wondering what Swyply is all about?

For companies looking for additional hands to work but do not want to use the traditional hiring method, team augmentation is an excellent solution. We can provide you with developers that match your project requirements to a tee, for the time-frame you need.

Now, if you are a developer, who is looking to work on cool, interesting & technologically futuristic projects, you have come to the right place.


For companies: Talented IT staff on demand

We can hire out individual developers or a full remote development team to meet your augmentation service needs.

You can hire developers from our in house development team or if we do not possess a suitable candidate we can hire out tech talent from 1 of our 50+ partnering software houses. You can pay us on a per-day basis or on a monthly basis. Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about hourly rates.

Our vast talent pool is available for your project on a trial period of 2 weeks. During this trial period, you can:

  1. Switch out any given developer, if you feel that they are an inadequate match for your project.
  2. Moreover, you can also decide to end our cooperation, and we will not send you an invoice for those two weeks.

Our dedicated teams take on projects that last a minimum of 3 months. If your project is 6 months, 12 months or more, this is even better for us because love long-term projects. Additionally, if at any point during the duration of the project you would like to cancel our augmentation services, we require a one-month notice period. Lastly, if you need to make any changes during your project like adding more developers, or switching out one developer for another one that has a different tech stack, this is not a problem.

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Frequently asked questions from companies

Our development teams work strictly remotely, however they are available for video chats and other forms of electronic communication.

The rate to hire one of our developers on augmented staffing basis varies on the type of expert and seniority level. Our hourly rates range from $30 to $100 per hour. So for example, $30 per hour is for a developer that is at the junior level, whereas, $100 per hour would get you a developer who has high seniority. This would be a developer that specializes in a technology that is in high demand on the market. This could be a Tech Leader, for example, that can help with coding but also run certain aspects of your project.

Learn more about the price of staff augmentation

Generally, we do not provide developers on a part-time basis. We find it’s best to hire out developers on a full time basis. However, if you find that you need ongoing developer support month after month for a set number of hours per month, we can do our best to help you. This can be, for example: 10 or 20 hours per week.

Yes, of course we can sign an NDA to protect the privacy of your project and your company.


For developers: Choose projects that align with your career path

When you join our team on a staff augmentation basis, the first thing we do is find you a long-term project, that lasts a minimum of 3 months.

Typically, we start searching for a long-term project for you, about 2 to 3 weeks before you join our team. Our goal is to help you work on various cool projects that align with your career path.  

You are offered the comfort of financial stability, in the event that you find yourself between projects or, in the other words, on the bench.

You will have the opportunity to work on futuristic projects in industries such as SaaS companies, Startups, Software houses and much more. These projects come from all around the world, specifically from Western European countries, Scandinavian countries, and North America.

You are able to work on projects with the tech stack that you specialize in and that aligns with your career path. Many of the projects we take on, use a wide spectrum of popular programming languages such as JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, PHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Python, Django, .Net, GO, Java, React Native, Flutter and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply to be a part of our team of IT experts that consists of Front-End, Back-End and Mobile Developers.

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Frequently asked questions from developers

While working with us on an augmented basis, we take the time to check in with you, to ensure that you are happy with your current project. If at any moment you feel that you need a change in your project, we can provide you with a better alternative. Moreover, we offer our developers an unlimited budget to grow their skills using various courses, books etc.

Additionally, we want to celebrate your achievements by having growth and salary chats every 6 months. We are here to help and guide you to the appropriate destination in your career.

Joining our team, you gain the opportunity to work for big organizations that may not be recruiting organically. Typically, these are long-term projects that last 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or more. Moreover, working on these projects, you get to be a part of an international development team.

Lastly, these companies have great employee culture, excellent organization solutions and so much more.

Our recruitment process proceeds fairly quickly. If we are a great match for each other, you could even join us within a week’s time.

Here are just some perks, you can expect when co-operating with Swyply:

  • You get to work from home indefinitely
  • We can provide you with a MacBook with M1 for the duration of our partnership, or if you prefer, we can co-finance for you a computer, a desk, or a chair that will become your property.
  • We have a referral plan where you can receive up to 5k PLN bonus for inviting other developers to the Swyply
  • We provide co-financing for English language lessons
  • We offer Multisport cards
Body leasing & staff augmentation model

What does hiring our IT team & tech talent look like?

In just 8 easy steps, you can have the best developers join your team to help complete your project.

1 First

What specific set of developers do you need?

The first thing you want to do is create an evaluation to determine what IT skills you are missing in your current team. Once you have this information, reach out to us with what type of IT specialist or developer you need.


2 Second

Let us search far & wide for your developers

Based on that skill set, we will search, within our team of developers, for people who match these needs.  If we cannot find the right match within our team, we will also look for Developers in partnering Software Houses for you.

3 Third

Meeting candidates on paper a.k.a Blind CVs

Once we have received information from you, we will provide you a short list of candidates. For each candidate, you will receive a blind CV, to get to know them at least a little. Based on these blind CV’s, pick your top choices and get back to us with the experts of your choosing.

4 Fourth

Have a chat with potential candidates

Based on your choices, we will schedule interviews for you and candidates to meet via video chat. You will carry out interviews with the IT specialists you have selected. You can also request for our developers to carry out code tests.

5 Fifth

Sign the contract and hire Swyply developers

At this stage, you get to select the Swyply developers that are right for you. Then we finalize the details and sign the contract. In this contract we will have outlined the agreed upon start date, the duration of the project, the daily rate and date of completion.

6 Sixth

Swyply developers work with your team

During this phase, our Swyply developers work with your team on your project. Our developers are available to you exclusively for the duration of the contract.


Monthly check-in

Every month, we reach out to you to check in. We want to make sure that everything is okay when it comes to our cooperation. We will ask whether you have additional needs or requirements for your software projects.


Do you want to continue our co-operation?

A few weeks before the end of the cooperation resulting from the contract, we will reach out to you, to see if you want to extend our co-operation contract?  Or has the project come to a close? 


Technology stack for our development team

We recognize that our customers, can have various technology needs based on their projects. In order to meet customer demands, our IT talent use the latest, most reliable tools and technologies. Using these technologies that are able to create web apps, mobile applications, e-commerce stores and websites. Moreover, our developers can provide you with support and maintenance on older projects that may not have the latest tech stack versions.

Some technologies our development team uses include JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Python,Django, .net, GO, Java, Android, iOS, React Native and Flutter.

Our team consists of Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers and Mobile Developers. Our developers have a seniority level from regular to senior. Moreover, we can also provide you with Junior Developers or Tech Leaders.

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IT staff augmentation services

How you can benefit using staffing services?

Check out why IT staff augmentation might be the best solution for your company.

Check the benefits

financial stability

No additional costs of employment

When you use our team augmentation services, the only cost that you have to cover is the daily or monthly rate that was previously agreed upon. You do not have to pay any additional employee costs, such as vacation pay, taxes, health care etc. You also do not have to provide laptops for augmented developers.

fast project delivery

Complete projects faster

When you add developers to your existing team, they can help you from the beginning to complete tasks. This way you can complete your projects faster. We recognize that, not completing a project on time, can lead to huge financial loses for your company. You can avoid this by extending your team using staff augmentation.

skill gap

Skill gap

If you have a project where you know that you are missing certain skills, we can provide you with a developer that will fill that talent gap. You can also fill this skill gap for as long as you require. Staff augmentation can be used for both short-term and long-term projects.


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