IT staff augmentation for tech startups

IT staff augmentation services are a great option for tech startups. You can gain superior developers for the duration of building your MVP product.

And you can always extend your contract as your project development grows.

Developers working on a project
Hiring developers using team augmentation

IT staff augmentation to gain pre-vetted coders for my startup

Do you need skilled coders for your startup’s next MVP? Are you looking for proven talent to help get your software development project off the ground? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then staff augmentation services are the right solution for you.

IT staff augmentation services will allow you to hire developers that have been pre-vetted. They have gone through an 👉 in-house recruitment process 👈 to make sure that their skill sets are top-notch.

Why should startups choose IT staff augmentation services?

If you own a Startup company, you need to be very intentional with who you hire. You probably have gained money from a venture capitalist to develop an MVP.

This MVP may later be built upon to become a full-scale product or service. So you need to hire developers to help develop the MVP, knowing that you run the risk of your idea not taking off. Or perhaps your idea remains at the MVP stage.

This makes staff augmentation services the perfect solution. You can:

  • hire developers for a certain period of time without any long-term risks.
  • rent out developers necessary to get your MVP off the ground.
  • if necessary you can always extend your contract. If not, then once the initial contract is done, our developers move on.

Also, you have a safety net that allows you to switch developers, add more developers or remove developers. You have room to pivot if something changes within your project or company.


Minimum viable product development process

Building an MVP with staff augmentation

For startups, developing an MVP is essential to test their product idea and get feedback from their target audience. This way they can improve product development in industries like software as fast as possible.

The MVP development process typically starts with a detailed analysis of the project requirements, followed by designing the architecture of the application and coding it. With staff augmentation, startups can ensure that they have a team of experienced coders who can quickly develop a functional MVP within a short time frame.

Team augmentation to gain developers for MVP development
Hiring using the staff augmentation process

How to grow your tech startup using IT staff augmentation?

You can gain talented developers with the help of staff augmentation in just 8 simple steps. Check out our process below.

1 First

Let us know about your skill gap

The first thing you want to do is let us know what skills you need. What type of developer(s) are you looking for? And with what tech stack? Also, at this stage please let us know whether you just need one developer or more. You can also share with us any project details that may be important to help us find you the best programmers for your software development project.

2 Second

We will look for programmers

Once, we have all the details, we begin to look for software engineers. We will look for the right match in our in-house team. If we cannot find one, we will then look to our 50+ partnering Software Houses to find someone awesome for you.

3 Third

Glance through Blind resumes

Once, we have compiled a list of software developers who meet your needs, we will send you Blind CVs for each candidate. You can then take the time to review these CVs and let us know who you would like to interview.

4 Fourth

Interview developers for your tech startup

We will set up virtual interviews for you to meet potential developers. During this time you can make sure that their CV matches reality. Also, you have the opportunity to ask any questions you need. Additionally, it gives our developers the chance to ask you questions about this exciting project.

5 Fifth

Pick & choose Swyply developers to hire

Once, you have interviewed all the candidates, it’s time to choose who you would like to hire. When you pick the developer or developers you like to hire, we sign a contract.

In this contract, we include the starting date of the project, the duration, and the date of completion. We also include the daily rate of the developer in our contract.

6 Sixth

Developers work with your team

Once the formalities are complete our developers join your team on the agreed-upon start date. Our Swyply Developers work on your project. Your project manager will determine the methods of communication, organization, and workload. Our Developers are available to you exclusively for the duration of the contract.


Monthly updates

Every few weeks, we reach out to you, to make sure that everything is okay when it comes to our cooperation. We inquire whether you have additional needs or requirements for your software projects.


Do you need to extend our cooperation?

Several weeks before the end of the cooperation resulting from the contract, we will reach out to you, to see if you want to extend the contract or has the project come to a close.

Why it’s worth hiring full-time developers using the resource augmentation process?

Benefits of IT staff augmentation for tech startups

There are many benefits of using IT staff augmentation services to build your development team for your tech startup. Let’s check out how your startup can benefit from this hiring solution.

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skill gap

Gain access to a wide range of skills

As a business owner, you may notice that certain needs are not being met because you have skill gaps. However, you cannot justify hiring someone full-time. This is where staff augmentation services come in handy.

We can provide you with software developers to fill your team. They can be in addition to your team for the duration of any project. This can be a short-term or long-term project, depending on your business requirements.

reduced recruitment time

Short & inexpensive recruitment cycles

Hiring good developers using traditional recruitment can be a time-consuming and expensive process. The traditional hiring model would allow you to add a coder to your software development team within 3 to 6 weeks on average.

However, using staff augmentation, you can gain a suitable team member within a few days or a week’s time. Not to mention you have a higher chance of hiring the right developer the first time.

full control over developers

Control over the software development process

When developing an IT project, especially as a Startup you want it to remain in your control. So when using your keep control over the development process. Moreover, you also gain control over the developers you hire via staff augmentation. Our developers work exclusively on your project. Your project manager controls all aspects from start to finish.

Empower your team

Empower your startup company

When you add additional remote programmers to your MVP project, you can empower your permanent team of coders. You gain individuals who can code your project while also providing you or your customer with advice on technical solutions. Moreover, they can consult with you or manage various tasks within the project.

Swyply advantages

Why choose Swyply?

Here are the top two reasons why you should choose Swyply for your staff augmentation needs:

in house developers

In-House highly-talented developers

We have an in-house team of highly-talented developers that you can choose to bring onto your team on a contract basis. Our in-house team consists of Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile Developers.

Most of our developers have a minimum of 3 years of experience in any given tech stack. However, if you need a Tech Leader or Team Leader, we can hire this type of specialist for you. Moreover, we can provide you with Junior Developers to meet your project requirements.

Partnering software houses

Developers from partnering 50+ Software Houses

In case we cannot find a developer from our in-house team, don’t stress, we have partnering companies ready to help us out. We can borrow and hire IT developers for you from 1 of 50+ partnering Software Houses. Just like our in-house developers, they possess various experiences and programming knowledge.

We take care of this process on our end, and you get the specialist you need without the extra hassle and stress. So, we handle the communication and invoicing with the Software Houses. You do not have to worry about handling anything with a third-party software house.

Augmented teams of qualified specialists

Tech stack

We recognize that Startup companies can have various programming needs based on their projects. In order to meet customer demands, our IT talent tool uses the latest, most reliable tools and technologies. Using these technologies they are able to take part in bespoke software development projects. Some of these projects include web application development, mobile app development, e-commerce development, and website development. Moreover, our programmers can provide you with support and maintenance on older projects that may be coded in older programming languages.

Some technologies our developers specialize in include JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, .net, GO, Java, Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, more.

Our remote team consists of Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, and Mobile Developers. Moreover, our developers have a seniority level from regular to senior. However, we can also provide you with Junior Developers or Tech Leaders to fit your business needs.

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Our guarantee

The developer doesn’t fit your project after 2 weeks? You won’t pay a cent!

Our IT staff augmentation services give you the opportunity to pick developers from a global pool. You can pick one or more developers to join your team remotely. Using the team augmentation models you gain a risk-free guarantee.

During this trial period, if, for whatever reason, one of our IT experts, is not the right fit, you have two options.

  1. We can exchange this Developer for another one.
  2. We can finish our cooperation, and we will NOT send you an invoice for this two-week period.

We try to ensure that the additional software developer or developers will be the right fit for your existing project. We provide you with ongoing support by doing monthly updates to check if our cooperation is heading in the right direction. Moreover, we enquire whether you need additional programmers or a change in programmers, this includes hiring a developer with a different tech stack.

Our two week guarantee

FAQ about IT staffing for startups

Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions about using IT staffing for your startup.

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The rate to hire developers from an IT staff augmentation company varies. It depends on the type of expert and seniority level. Our hourly rates range from $30 to $100 per hour. So for example, $30 per hour is for a developer that is at the junior level, whereas, $100 per hour would get you a developer who has high seniority. Senior developers could do more than just code your project, they could be Tech Leaders, meaning they could help with organizing or managing tasks.

Learn more about the 👉 price of staff augmentation 👈

Our developers can work with your project development team as long as you need. We have a minimum project length of 3 months. But our developers love long-term projects and can work with you for 6,9, 12 months, or more.

Our developers work remotely and are not able to join your team in the office or onsite. But they will use tools such as Slack, Google Meets, Zoom, Loom, etc. to make working online easy. We encourage taking full advantage of electronic communication, video chats, etc. To make your cooperation easier and smooth sailing.

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