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Technologies for staff augmentation
Team augmentation services

Extend your development team with another set of tech skills

The IT development world is always changing, which means IT knowledge is also constantly evolving. It’s important to ensure that your IT development team is well-rounded with a broad skill set. To stay competitive, you need to keep up with the latest trends and new technologies.

We can provide you with highly-talented developers to meet the demands of your project managers and your company. This way, you are ensuring that your IT development team is well-balanced. We can provide IT staff on a temporary basis for projects running a minimum of 3 months.

Moreover, you can ensure that:

  • you can minimize risk
  • help guarantee that projects run smoothly
  • make sure that projects run more efficiently

Expand your IT development company by adding another set of skills to your team, such as those that our in house skilled developers possess.

Augment your existing team

There are several ways you can go about extending your IT development team. One way that is gaining popularity in the IT industry is staff augmentation services. Use staff augmentation services to gain extra talent for your in house development team. You can throw more people at the problem, by choosing the right augmented staff to join your existing team.

If your current resources aren’t keeping pace with these changes, it’s time to grow your team and bring in some new blood. As a staff augmentation company, we can provide you with the top tech talent to grow your business, complete your projects and ensure customer satisfaction.

IT staff augmentation services

Let’s discuss code & tech talent options

Our staff augmentation services offer a wide range of tech stack solutions and developers. We have front-end developers, back-end developers and full stack developers.

We recognize that our clients want software solutions that work for years to come without going obsolete. That’s why our IT talent uses only the latest, most reliable tools and technologies out there to create websites, e-commerce stores and web applications.

Some technologies our development team uses include JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Python,Django, .net, GO, Java, Android, iOS, React Native and Flutter.

Check out the sections below to learn more about each stack 👇

Remote developers

Front-end technologies

We have front-end developers that specialize in a wide range of JavaScript technologies. They work with popular programming languages such as React, Angular, Vue and TypeScript. These technologies are used to design creative and user-friendly interfaces on desktops and mobiles.


JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and scripts used for website development. Many developers use HTML and CSS alongside this core technology. JavaScript provides many interactive aspects on a website such as 2D / 3D graphics, scrolling videos etc.

Hire JavaScript Developers


React is part of the JavaScript framework. It is used to develop the front-end UI components. Many well established brands use React for their web applications. React was developed by Facebook. This popular framework allows developers to create components that are rendered based on runtime data.

Hire React Developers


Angular is a great framework for building web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop. Moreover, this programming platform puts you in control of scalability. Additionally, it provides developers with tools to create templates. It has a library of popular features such as routing, form management, customer communications and more.

Hire Angular Developers


Vue is part of the JavaScript framework that is designed to build interface components along with single page applications. It is used alongside HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Vue can be used to develop desktop and mobile applications.

Hire Vue Developers


This programming tool was developed by Microsoft, and is used to develop large web applications. TypeScript supports statically typed programming language.

Hire TypeScript Developers
Experienced team

Back-end technologies

When it comes to back-end technologies, we have a development team that specialize in a plethora of options. Some of these technologies include software and programming languages such as Node, PHP and Python. Moreover, we have IT talent that can use Laravel, Symfony, .net, Go, Ruby on Rails and Java for custom software development.


Node is an open-source backend JavaScript runtime. This is a back-end technology used to built extensive network applications. Node can be used to create server side applications, where you can access files, the operating system etc.

Hire Node Developers


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is used for web development. It is server side scripting language can be combined with HTML files. Furthermore, it can be used to create graphic interface for users. PHP can be used to manage content, track sessions, and you can build an entire eCommerce store using PHP.

Hire PHP Developers


Python is a general programming language that focuses on code readability. This programming language can be used to develop websites and software, along with conduct data analysis and automate various tasks. Python is used by popular brands such as Pixar and NASA, along with many others.

Hire Python Developers


Firstly, Laravel is a PHP framework. This is a web framework used for developing web applications. It is used for routing, website caching, authentication, and tracking sessions. You can use Laravel to create a full stack application, meaning one that needs to store a lot of data.

Hire Lavarel Developers


This is another popular framework for building web applications using some PHP elements. Symfony can also be used to build microservices, APIs, and web services. Symfony is a feature rich back end system that can build complex desktop and mobile apps. A popular app that uses Symfony is Spotify to manage user accounts.

Hire Symfony Developers


This is a Python based framework that can be used to develop websites rapidly with better security. Moreover, this framework will make website maintenance easier. Django can also be used in server side deployment.

Hire Django Developers


.Net is a developer tool that can be used to develop website, web applications, games etc. It was developed by Microsoft.

Hire .Net Developers


Go is another general programming language that is multipurpose. Go was developed by Google to be a dependable software program.

Hire Go Developers

Ruby on Rails

Using Ruby on Rails our developers can develop custom software quickly and easily. Programmers can develop web apps, mobile apps & more.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Java is a popular programming language that be applied to develop websites, applications, games and much more. Java is based on programming languages C and C++.

Hire Java Developers
Web developers

Mobile technologies – iOS & Android

Mobile app developers are in high demand, therefore, our team consists of iOS & Android specialists. Our remote development team can help your in house team build web applications using well-known technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Android and iOS.

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript based mobile framework that is used to develop web applications for a both Android and iOS systems. React Native is a great solution for mobile app developers, because it can help create a smooth and responsive application.

Hire React Native Developers


Flutter is another popular option for software development, both Android and iOS. Flutter was created by Google to build multi-platform web applications from a single code base. It is helpful in creating a web app that is consistent across various platforms. Your user’s experience will not change, regardless, of device.

Hire Flutter Developers


The Android operating system is an open-source platform for mobile devices. It is based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Hire Android Developers


The iOS operating system is a proprietary software platform developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware, including the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and AppleTV.

Hire iOS Developers
Expert tech professionals

Niche Technologies

Niche technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Security engineering, Data engineering, Automation engineering, and Blockchain have witnessed exponential growth in recent years. Thus revolutionizing various industries. The increasing demand for these technologies underscores the urgent need for organizations to hire specialized developers who can harness the power of niche technologies to drive innovation and efficiency. Hiring speciality developers is crucial for staying competitive and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence development involves creating algorithms and systems that can mimic human intelligence, enabling machines to perform tasks like problem-solving, pattern recognition, and decision-making. AI developers are skilled professionals who design, implement, and fine-tune these intelligent systems. Leveraging their expertise in neural networks, and data analysis to make AI a reality.

Hire Artificial Intelligence Devlopers

Machine Learning

Machine Learning development is the process of building and training models that enable computers to learn and make predictions or decisions based on data. ML developers are experts in data science and programming who specialize in creating, optimizing, and deploying machine learning algorithms to solve complex problems and extract valuable insights from large datasets.

Hire Machine Learning Developers

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) development involves creating interconnected systems of devices and sensors that collect and exchange data to enable automation, monitoring, and control of physical objects and environments. IoT developers are skilled professionals who design, program, and maintain these interconnected devices and networks, combining expertise in hardware, software, and data communication to build innovative IoT solutions for various industries.

Hire Internet of Things Developers

Security Engineering

Security engineering plays a crucial role in proactively identifying and mitigating potential security risks, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical assets. This field constantly evolves to address emerging threats and technology trends, requiring security engineers to stay abreast of the latest developments in cyber threats and defensive strategies. Effective security engineering not only safeguards digital assets but also contributes to building trust and confidence in the increasingly interconnected and digital world.

Hire Security Engineers

Data Engineering

Data engineering involves the collection, processing, and transformation of raw data into a usable and structured format for analysis. It encompasses the design and implementation of robust data pipelines, ensuring the efficient flow of information within an organization. Data engineers play a crucial role in constructing scalable architectures and optimizing databases to enable businesses to derive valuable insights from their data.

Hire Data Engineers

Automation Engineering

Automation engineering encompasses the integration of hardware and software solutions to create intelligent systems capable of autonomously executing complex tasks. Engineers in this field work on diverse projects, from designing automated manufacturing lines to developing sophisticated control algorithms for unmanned vehicles. The continuous advancement of automation technology is revolutionizing industries, fostering innovation, and reshaping the future of work.

Hire automation developers


Blockchain development involves creating decentralized digital ledgers that record transactions securely across a network of computers. When you hire blockchain developers you gain experts with a keen understanding of cryptographic principles, distributed systems, and proficiency in programming languages like Solidity for Ethereum or Golang for Hyperledger Fabric. As the demand for blockchain expertise rises, companies must prioritize candidates with experience in smart contract development, consensus algorithms, and a deep understanding of blockchain protocols.

Hire blockchain developers

FAQ about the tools in our skills kit & IT staff augmentation services

Here are some answers to your most asked questions about tech stacks and staff augmentation services.

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Yes, you can hire as many developers as you need for your project. Moreover, you can hire developers who possess different technical expertise.

We can have a developer ready to go and join your team within one week. However, in some scenarios it may take up to 30 days, but these are extreme circumstances where our developers need to finish up previous projects.

The rate to hire one of our developers on augmented staffing basis varies on the type of expert and seniority level. Our hourly rates range from $30 to $100 per hour. So for example, $30 per hour is for a developer that is at the junior level, whereas, $100 per hour would get you a developer who has high seniority. This would be a developer that specializes in a technology that is in high demand on the market, but is short in supply.

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