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Hiring the right FrontEnd Developer

Why you should use TypeScript for your next software development project?

TypeScript was developed in 2012 by Microsoft. It is part of the JavaScript library it is a strict syntax superset and adds the ability of static typing. This is a fantastic programming language for large web applications. It is considered to be the most complete JavaScript component.

TypeScript includes better functions that make programming simple for developers. TypeScript makes programmers easily aware of both variables as well as the data types that are contained.

Hiring TypeScript developers is a reasonable solution when your current development team possesses software engineers that specialize in programming languages such as React, Angular, and Vue. Moreover, most projects that need TypeScript are based on NodeJS.

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What skills will a TypeScript developer bring to my team?  

Remote TypeScript Developers will possess a strong background in JavaScript code. Moreover, they must have deep knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks such as React.js, Angular, Vue, and above all TypeScript.

A software engineer that specializes in TypeScript should also have experience with NodeJS. Moreover, they should have experience with REST API. TypeScript developers should also be proficient in their knowledge of databases such as SQL/NoSQL, Mongo, and others.


Some soft skills that are valuable in TypeScript developers include problem-solving skills, self-motivated, excellent communication skills, and analytical thinking. Also, they are able to advocate for the right technical solutions in a given project.

Typescript developers for Frontend development

Grow your TypeScript-based projects with expert developers

Check out what software development projects our Typescript developers can join and help you complete.

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Web Application Development 

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that compiles plain JavaScript. It was developed by Microsoft in order to address the shortcomings of JavaScript. This means that a TypeScript full-stack web developer can create any kind of web application using this open-source programming language.

The development process of a web application is based on microservice architectures. Moreover, Typescript developers have access to features such as autocompletion, linting, and debugging support. Lastly, TypeScript has static checking which enables software engineers to check web app functions during the development stages.

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Hire a TypeScript mobile developer

Mobile Application Development

TypeScript is a modern programming language that is quickly becoming popular for Mobile App Development because of the benefits it offers over JavaScript. TypeScript offers developers many benefits including:

  • It supports large codebases and projects with ease
  • It improves the performance of an application
  • Developers can use TypeScript to create fast, scalable, and robust applications
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TypeScript software engineer

Static typing & Object-oriented programming

TypeScript is a statically typed language. This means that the type of a variable is fixed by the developer at the time it is declared. The type can be any of those provided by TypeScript, or any other types provided by external libraries like jQuery, Angular, React, etc

TypeScript provides support for object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming. It also has features like modules and classes.

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Maintaining large TypeScript-based projects

Maintenance & support

TypeScript developers are the backbone of any organization. They are responsible for not only the development process but also for maintaining and updating the custom software that is being developed.

Hiring our TypeScript developers they are adept at handling maintenance and support for custom software written in TypeScript. They can help you maintain your web apps, mobile apps, etc. written in TypeScript.

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Process on how to hire the best TypeScript developers

Developers & programmers

Here is a simple way to recruit and add TypeScript specialists to your team. This process starts with finding developers to fill your technical skills gap. Once we do that, we set up interviews. After the interviews, you will pick the remote TypeScript developers you want to work with on your project.

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Our Guarantee

Risk-free TypeScript programmers for hire


Are you worried that the TypeScript developer you hire won’t be the right fit and you’ll lose money? We have a solution! We offer a risk-free trail period that lasts two weeks giving you a safeguard in case something changes or is not working out.

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Web technologies & more

Technology stack

Our customers can have various technology needs based on their projects. In order to meet customer demands, our IT talent uses the latest, most reliable tools and technologies. Using these technologies they are able to create web apps, mobile applications, e-commerce stores, and websites. Moreover, our developers can provide you with support and maintenance on older projects that may not have the latest tech stack versions.

Aside from remote TypeScript Developers, we also have software engineers that specialise in frontend technologies such as JavaScript, React, Angular, and Vue. Moreover, we have IT experts that specialise in backend technologies such as Node, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, .net, GO, and Java. Lastly, we have mobile app developers that specialise in technologies such as Android, iOS, React Native and Flutter.

Our team consists of Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, and Mobile Developers. Our developers have a seniority level from regular to senior. Moreover, we can also provide you with Junior Developers or Tech Leaders.

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Staff augmentation as a good business strategy

Why is it worth hiring TypeScript coders using IT staffing?

Check out some benefits when you hire typescript developers on an IT staffing basis.

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cost effective

No additional employment costs 

When you use IT staff augmentation services to hire TypeScript Developers you only have to pay for the daily or monthly rate that was agreed upon in the contract. You do not have to cover costs that are associated with full-time employees such as health care, retirement funds, etc.

skill gap

Fill the skill gap

If you have a project where you know that you are missing certain skills such as a TypeScript coder, we can provide you with an expert that will fill that gap. Furthermore, you can decide how long you need to fill that talent gap, whether this is for short-term projects or long-term projects.

keep your team flexible

Keep your team flexible

The IT staffing hiring process allows you to hire TypeScript Developers on a project basis. You can hire one or more programmers at a time. Additionally, you can switch from one coder to another, if your project needs a skill change. When you use staff augmentation you can expand your team as needed.

Swyply Advantages

Why choose Swyply?

Here are the top two reasons why you should choose Swyply for your staff augmentation needs:

in house developers

In-House TypeScript developers

We have an in-house team of highly-talented TypeScript developers that you can choose to bring onto your team on a contract basis. Our in-house team consists of Front-End, Back-End and Mobile Developers.

Most of our developers have a minimum of 3 years experience in any given tech stack. However, if you need a Tech Leader or Team Leader, we can hire out this type of specialist for you. Moreover, we can provide you with Junior Developers to meet your project requirements.

Partnering software houses

Developers from partnering 50+ Software Houses

In case we cannot find a developer from our in house team, don’t stress, we have partnering companies ready to help us out. We can borrow and hire out IT developers to you from 1 of 50+ partnering Software Houses. Just like our in-house developers, they possess various experience and programming knowledge.

We take care of this process on our end, and you get the specialist you need without the extra hassle and stress. So, we handle the communication and invoicing with the Software Houses. You do not have to worry about handling anything with a third party software house.

FAQ about hiring TypeScript programmers

Check out these responses to your most frequently asked questions about hiring TypeScript developers.

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Everyone is familiar with JavaScript programming. It was designed to be simple, fast, and easy to use. It’s often used as the language of choice when apps need to be quick and interactive, but it has its limitations.

TypeScript was developed to resolve some of these limitations. TypeScript offers developers type safety, which means that the compiler will let you know if you try to use a variable of one type with another type. This makes it easier to catch errors and ensure that your code is as valid as possible. TypeScript also has static typing, which means that the compiler knows the types of variables, so you don’t have to declare them manually. TypeScript also has tooling support like autocomplete, documentation, and formatting options.

TypeScript also supports ES6 modules and imports, which can make your code more concise and readable. If you plan on working with ES6 in the future, then TypeScript would be your best choice. But if you’re planning on working with JavaScript 1.8 or earlier, then it might not make sense for you.

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The rate to hire one of our developers on an augmented staffing basis varies on the type of expert and seniority level. Our hourly rates range from $15 to $60 per hour. So for example, $15 per hour is for a developer that is at the junior level, whereas, $60 per hour would get you a developer who has high seniority. This would be a developer that specializes in a technology that is in high demand on the market. Moreover, this would be someone that could do more than just code your project, they would be a Tech Leader, meaning they could help with organizing or managing tasks.

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We do not lend out a full-stack developer on a part-time basis. In general, we find it’s best for our customers and our stack developers to work with your team on a full-time basis. However, if you find that you need ongoing support from a programmer month after month for a specific number of hours (i.e 15 hours per week), we can do our best to help you.

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