Our Guarantee

Our IT staff augmentation services give you the opportunity to pick a remote developer or an entire remote development team with a two-week trial period.

Staff augmentation tech talent

The developer doesn’t fit your project after 2 weeks? You won’t pay a cent!

Once you have chosen developers to augment your in-house, they begin to work with you on your software development project. At the beginning of our cooperation you have a trial period, during this time, if for whatever reason, our software engineers, are not the right match, you have two options.

Switch the Developer

If one of our developers is not working out for whatever reason, we can exchange this Developer for another one. You can switch developers if you feel that your original choice is not a fit in terms of technical skills or soft skills. Moreover, you can also switch developers, if something changes in your project and suddenly you require a different set of technical skills.

End our Cooperation

However, if you prefer to end our cooperation and try out a different solution, we will NOT send you invoice for this two-week period.

Staff augmentation guarantee

Grow your development team with ease & a safety net

Add developers to join your team with the comfort of our two-week trail period.

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