Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

Here you can find answers to your frequently asked questions about working for Swyply.
If you have any other questions feel free to drop us a line.

We require that our developers have a minimum of two years of experience in a specific technology. We do not hire junior developers or someone who has general developer experience.

Yes, as part of our recruitment process, we do ask our candidates to perform a skills test. Our skills test may be in the form of live coding with one of our tech specialists, or as a take-home assignment.

We typically hire full-time developers to work at Swyply. However, if you are a developer looking for part-time work or perhaps looking for an extra contract, send us your CV. We may be able to come to an agreement.

Here are just some perks, you can expect when cooperating with Swyply:

  • 100% remote work forever
  • Full support & cooperation during all projects by scheduling regular talks to discuss your satisfaction levels for each project
  • Strong focus on your growth, which means an unlimited budget for self-development
  • A clear growth plan that you establish yourself on growth and salary-update talks every 6 months
  • We give you a MacBook with M1 for the duration of our partnership, or if you prefer, we can co-finance for you a computer, a desk, or a chair that will become your property.
  • Fantastic atmosphere and a team of great in-house developers that you mentor and level-up with
  • Ability to influence the company – we value your opinion and nourish a feedback culture
  • Referral plan where you can receive up to 5k PLN bonus for inviting other developers to Swyply
  • MultiSport Card
  • Co-financing for English lessons

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Yes of course. We have an unlimited budget for personal/professional development courses that our developers can take advantage of while working for us.

No, you do not have to live in Poland to work for Swyply. We have developers who live in various parts of the world and work for us.

We do not offer paid vacation time. However, we offer many of our developers a higher hourly rate.

So this depends on the client you work for. Generally, we can negotiate working hours that will work for you and the customer. Most customers do not have a problem offering flexible working hours.

If you do not like the project you have been assigned because you are not being challenged or the company culture isn’t the right fit or whatever the reason, please let us know. We try to make sure that our developers are working on projects that make them happy to do their job. If not, we can try to switch you out of our project into a new one.

Don’t worry about a thing. If for some reason you do not have a project, we will pay for the time that you are between projects. This way, you are financially secure, and we have a developer ready to go once a project appears.

Yes, we are always looking for new talent to join the Swyply team.

Here is our 6 step recruitment process:

  1. Send in your CV & then fill out a form for our Head of HR
  2. Create a Blind CV
  3. You will meet with one of our IT specialists for an interview
  4. Live coding test or take-home coding assignment
  5. Our feedback
  6. Let’s discuss the details of our cooperation

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We offer cooperation based on a B2B contract.

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