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PHP developers
Hire PHP developers

Why choose a PHP developer for my next project?

A PHP developer can provide you with an array of competencies, such as knowledge in regards to PHP coding language, experience working with MySQL databases, and an understanding of the JavaScript library.

What is the role of a PHP developer?

Dedicated PHP developers are a valuable part of Startups, SaaS companies, and Software Houses. PHP developers work on the server-side of development which enables them to work mainly with the backend component of development.

The PHP developer will lay the groundwork for web & app development. They provide a behind-the-scenes web service. PHP can be used as a framework for developing software, websites, or web applications among others.

Moreover, a PHP developer will have experience in PHP frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony. Additionally, when it comes to web development they possess experience with various CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

PHP developers will be able to build you a web application that consists of dynamic content and interacts with your chosen database.

Will PHP technologies be used in the future?

PHP website applications still make up a majority of the Internet, therefore it is still considered an on-demand programming language and will not disappear anytime in the future.

Looking for a PHP programmer

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer for project development

The PHP framework is multifaceted meaning that our PHP developers can help you with development projects such as web development, e-commerce store development, web apps, and more.

Hire PHP coders

PHP Website Development

Let’s explore how PHP can be used for website development. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for website development. It offers many advantages when it comes to website design and development, including that it’s very fast and efficient with its performance on the server side, which makes PHP a great solution when you need a back-end programming language that can handle lots of traffic or high volumes of data quickly.

You can hire PHP web developers from Swyply for any size project you have in mind.

Woman developer creating website
Hire PHP software engineers

PHP eCommerce Development

The PHP framework is a tool to enable developers to create dynamic websites for online shopping. Our developers have extensive knowledge of PHP and can design strong online stores that can handle high demand during crowded seasons. It’s scalable enough to handle large volumes of traffic while being lightweight enough to be used on low-end hardware.

PHP developer working on eCommerce store
Quality web applications

Custom Web App Development

Custom web development using PHP allows developers to create wireframes, prototypes, and a design layout for the app. Moreover, it allows our PHP developers to build the desired functionalities. Lastly, PHP web applications can be deployed on almost any host, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Some web apps that have been created via PHP include Vimeo, Etsy, Mail-chimp, etc.

Hire php programmers

How to hire dedicated PHP developers?

We have an 8-step process that makes hiring PHP developers to extend your team, a walk in the park.

1 First

Tell us how many PHP developers you need

Once you know that you need PHP developers to join your team, reach out to us with the exact number of remote developers that you need. Moreover, tell us about your project along with any other valuable details to extend your team.

2 Second

Let us find PHP coders

Based on that skill set, we will look, within our team of developers, for people who specialize in PHP programming to match your needs. If we cannot find the right match within our team, we will also look for Developers in partnering Software Houses for you.

3 Third

Select PHP developers based on Blind CVs

Based on the information we received from you, we will provide you with a shortlist PHP development professionals. For each PHP developer, you will receive a blind CV, to review. Based on these blind CVs, pick your top choices and get back to us with the experts of your choosing.

4 Fourth

Interview dedicated PHP software engineers

Based on your choices, we will schedule interviews for you with remote PHP developers to meet via video chat. If you would like our software developers can carry out some code tests. If not, you tell us which developer, you would like to co-operate with for your project.

5 Fifth

Finalize the contract and hire Swyply developers

At this stage, you have selected the Swyply developers that are right for you. Then we finalize the contract that has the agreed-upon start date, the duration of the project, and the date of completion. Moreover, this contract will have details about the scope of work, the agreed-upon daily rate, and the number of working hours.

6 Sixth

Swyply PHP developers work on your project

During this phase, our Swyply PHP programmers work on your project. Your project manager determines the methods of communication, organization, and workload. Our expert PHP developers are available to you exclusively for the duration of the contract.


Monthly satisfaction update

Every month, we reach out to you, to make sure that everything is okay when it comes to our cooperation. We inquire whether you have additional needs or requirements for your software development projects.


Ability to extend the contract

Several weeks before the end of our cooperation, we will reach out to you, to see if you want to extend our contract or has the project come to a close.

The business value provided by PHP experts

Why hire PHP developers using staff augmentation?

Check the following three reasons why you should hire PHP developers using our staff augmentation services.

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skill gap

Skill gap

If you have a project where you know that you are missing certain PHP programming skills, we can provide you with a developer that will fill that gap. Moreover, we can provide you with one or more PHP developers to meet your project requirements. Furthermore, you can decide how long you need to fill that talent gap, whether this is for short-term projects or long-term projects.

fast project delivery

Complete projects faster

When you add PHP developers to your existing team, that from the beginning help you complete assigned tasks, you can complete your projects faster. Furthermore, we understand that in certain scenarios, you have a fast-approaching deadline that you cannot meet with your existing staff. Moreover, not making a deadline or not finishing a project quicker than planned can lead to huge financial losses for your company. You can avoid these scenarios using our Software Developers to extend your team.


Flexible contract based on your actual needs

Staff augmentation services provide you with the flexibility to hire dedicated PHP developers for as long as you need. Here at Swyply we hire out our PHP developers for a minimum of 3 months. This contract can be extended or created for a longer period of time. Additionally, our contract has a one-month notice period in case something happens with your project.


Why choose Swyply?

Here are the top two reasons why you should choose Swyply for your staff augmentation needs:

in house developers

In-House highly-talented developers

We have an in-house team of highly-talented developers that you can choose to bring onto your team on a contract basis. Our in-house team consists of Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile Developers.

Most of our developers have a minimum of 3 years of experience in any given tech stack. However, if you need a Tech Leader, we can hire out this type of specialist for you. Moreover, we can provide you with Junior Developers to meet your project requirements.

Partnering software houses

Developers from partnering 50+ Software Houses

In case we cannot find a developer from our in-house team, don’t stress, we have partnering companies ready to help us out. We can borrow and hire out IT developers to you from 1 of 50+ partnering Software Houses. Just like our in-house developers, they possess various experience and programming knowledge.

We take care of this process on our end, and you get the specialist you need without the extra hassle and stress. So, we handle the communication and invoicing with the Software Houses. You do not have to worry about handling anything with a third-party software house.

Web solutions

Our Technology Stack

We recognize that our customers can have various web solution needs based on their projects. In order to meet customer demands, our IT talent uses the latest, most reliable tools and technologies. Using an array of technical skills they are able to create web apps, mobile applications, e-commerce stores, and websites. Moreover, our developers can provide you with support and maintenance on older projects that may not use the latest programming language.

Aside from PHP, some other programming languages our development team specializes in include JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, .net, GO, Java, React Native, and Flutter.

Our team consists of Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, and Mobile Developers. Our developers have a seniority level from regular to senior. Moreover, we can also provide you with Junior Developers or Tech Leaders.

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Tech stack
Our Guarantee

PHP developer doesn’t fit your project after 2 weeks? You won’t pay a penny!

Our IT staff augmentation services give you the opportunity to hire a PHP developer or a team of experienced PHP developers with a two-week trial period.

During this trial period, if, for whatever reason, one of our top PHP developers, is not the right fit, you have two options.

  1. We can exchange this Developer for another one.
  2. We can finish our cooperation, and we will NOT send you an invoice for this two-week period.

We try to ensure that the extended team member will be the right fit for your existing in-house team. We provide ongoing support by doing monthly updates to check our cooperation is heading in the right direction. Moreover, we enquire whether you need additional developers or a change in developers, this includes hiring a developer that specializes in a different programming language.

Our two week guarantee

FAQ about hiring dedicated PHP developers

Check out some answers to your most frequently asked questions about hiring expert developers with PHP programming knowledge.

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The rate to hire one of our PHP developers on an augmented staffing basis varies on the type of expert and seniority level. Our hourly rates range from $30 to $100 per hour. So for example, $30 per hour is for a developer that is at the junior level, whereas, $100 per hour would get you a developer who has high seniority. This would be a developer that specializes in a technology that is in high demand on the market. Moreover, they can serve as a Tech leader and help manage the project as opposed to just coding.

While the ranking of the most popular programming languages changes every year. The truth is that about 80% of web applications still use the PHP framework, so yes it is still very much in demand.

We can have a developer ready to go and join your team within one week. However, in some scenarios, it may take up to 30 days, but these are extreme circumstances where our developers need to finish up previous projects.

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