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The demand for Android developers is increasing at a rapid pace and the number of job openings for Android developers has grown by more than 30% over the last year. Given the increasing demand for Android developers, why waste time, money, and energy trying to recruit an IT expert using traditional recruitment when you could use IT staffing to find android developers and add them to your team?

Hire top Android developers that are handpicked, pre-vetted, and match the skill set that you are missing on your team. We have experienced Android app developers that are capable of building customized applications in line with your business needs.

Staff augmentation is a flexible engagement model that allows your company to hire dedicated Android application developers and create:

  • native apps
  • web-mobile apps
  • hybrid applications

One of the benefits of using staff augmentation to hire a software developer you do not pay any expenses for retaining an Android developer after the project is done, and you no longer have to pay to keep them on your staff. Hire Android developers for your next app development project.

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What kind of skills and tech stack can Android app developers bring to your project? 

When it comes to the tech stack that our Android developers use to create mobile apps for Android devices this usually includes Java and Kotlin. However, when it comes to overall technical skills, our Android developers have a fundamental understanding of object-oriented programming. Additionally, our expert android developers know how to use tools such as Android SDK and Android studio. Top Android developers will also have experience with Language Markups (XML), back-end programming, and knowledge of various databases such as SQL.

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Build apps with Android developers

What are the best development tools for Android?

Some tools developers need for Android app development include:

  • Android Studio
  • Android debug bridge (ADB)
  • Android Virtual Device Manager
  • Visual Studio with Xamarin
  • and more
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Process of how to hire an Android app developer

Developers & programmers

The process of hiring one of our Android developers is much faster than the traditional hiring model. In fact, it’s only 8 quick steps. We start by finding out how many app developers you need. Once we find suitable matches, you will interview each programmer. Afterwards, you will pick your top Android app developers to hire.

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Our Guarantee

Risk-free Android coders for hire


Are you worried that the Android app programmer you hire won’t be the right fit and you’ll lose money? We have a solution! We offer a risk-free trial period that lasts two weeks giving you a safeguard in case something changes or is not working out.

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Android development

What type of Android apps can software developers build? 

Our Android programmers can take part in the development of a wide range of Android apps. This ranges from native Android development to hybrid app development. Check out more details about these Android development projects below.

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Native apps

Our developers can join your native Android development team to help create apps. Just like any Android app, it is built on the basis of Java or Kotlin. You or your customer may decide to build native Android apps to gain benefits such as:

  • excellent platform
  • higher security
  • more interactive and intuitive
  • feature-rich
  • has fewer bugs
  • increased scalability
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Mobile application development

Mobile-web apps 

Android is a mobile operating system that was developed by Google. It is the most widely used mobile OS in the world. If you need Android developers to help with mobile development, try IT staffing to create apps for mobile devices. Our Android app developers are knowledgeable in Java, HTML5, and CSS3, and they also have experience with Google Play Services and Google Maps API. Our Android developers also have knowledge of how to use the Android SDK. They can develop a mobile-web app for any industry.

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Android os

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are cross-platform, which means they will work on multiple devices with different OSs. This helps in reducing the time and cost of developing an app as it can be used across platforms. Moreover, Android hybrid apps are also faster than native apps as they don’t require any installation or updates. The user can use them just by accessing the website URL from their browser of choice.

When you hire our software developers can use Android Studio to develop Android apps, which has a lot of features that make developing apps easier.

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Why it’s worth it to use a flexible hiring model?

Reasons to rent Android app programmers via team augmentation

Check out some benefits of hiring developers using team augmentation services instead of the traditional hiring process.

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full control over developers

Full control over Android coder

When you hire a mobile application Developer via IT staffing they are solely committed to working on your project. They are obligated to work alongside your team 8 hours a day for as long as they may require. Your project manager alone manages his or her working time, resources, etc. just like they would any other internal hire.


Flexible contracts

Once you pick which expert Android developers you want to hire, we will sign a contract for a minimum of 3 months. Our partnership can last longer, our coders love long-term projects that proceed for 6, 12, 18 months, or more. Our contract will also include a one-month notice period in the event that something happens with your project.

fast project delivery

Complete Android projects faster

Hire Android app developers to your existing team to complete your app development faster. When you are short-staffed this can put you behind in your deadlines and that can lead to unfortunate consequences. Your company may lose a huge amount of money. You can avoid this scenario by hiring software developers using IT staffing to extend your team.

Trendy technologies

Tech stack 

We recognise that our customers can have various technology needs based on their projects. In order to meet customer demands, our IT talent uses the latest, most reliable tools and technologies. Using these technologies they are able to create native apps, web-mobile app development, hybrid applications, and more. Additionally, our developers can provide you with support and maintenance on older projects that may not have the latest tech stack versions.

Aside from providing Android developers who specialize in various tools and tech stacks such as Java or Kotlin. We also offer developers with other technical expertise such as JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, .net, GO, iOS, React Native, and Flutter.

Our team consists of Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, and Mobile App Developers. Our developers have a seniority level from regular to senior. Lastly, we can also provide you with Junior Developers or Tech Leaders.

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Swyply Advantages

Why choose Swyply to hire Android developers? 

Here are the top two reasons why you should choose Swyply for your staff augmentation needs:

in house developers

In-House Android App programmers

We have an in-house team of some of the best Android developers that you can choose to bring onto your team on a contract basis. Our in-house team consists of Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile Developers.

Most of our developers have a minimum of 3 years of experience in any given tech stack. However, if you need a Tech Leader or Team Leader, we can hire this type of specialist for you. Moreover, we can provide you with Junior Developers to meet your project requirements.

Partnering software houses

Android Coders from partnering 50+ Software Houses

In case we cannot find a mobile app developer from our in-house team, don’t stress, we have partnering companies ready to help us out. We can borrow and hire IT developers for you from 1 of 50+ partnering Software Houses. Just like our in-house developers, they possess various experiences and programming knowledge.

We take care of this process on our end, and you get the specialist you need without the extra hassle and stress. So, we handle the communication and invoicing with the Software Houses. You do not have to worry about handling anything with a third-party software house.

FAQ about hiring Android developers & IT staffing

Check out some answers to your most frequently asked questions about hiring Android developers.

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First off, iOS app development uses technologies such as Swift programming language and tools such as Xcode IDE. However, when it comes to Android app development, most developers use either Java or Kotlin as their tech stack.

Now when it comes to developer preference, according to studies done by Statista in 2021, more coders preferred to build Android apps as opposed to iOS apps. Primarily because it is more flexible and customisable from top to bottom. However, if you are considering having the same app developed on iOS, don’t worry it’s the second most chosen option for mobile app development. If you want developers to help create an iOS app, learn more about how to hire ios app developers.

The cost to hire dedicated Android app developers will vary depending on years of experience and tech stack. Our hourly rate ranges from $15 to $60 per hour. At the $15 per hour mark, you can typically hire an Android developer at the junior level. If you pay $60 per hour you will hire a senior Android developer to join your team. A senior-level developer can also serve as a Tech Leader on your team and provide more than just their coding skills. They can help with organizing and managing tasks. Moreover, they can offer advice on various technical solutions for you & your customers.

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The mobile app development industry is bursting at the seams meaning that our Android developers can create an app using the Android platform for just about anything. Some popular categories that use Android for developing apps include:

  • shopping apps
  • fitness apps
  • education apps
  • food ordering service apps
  • live-streaming apps

And so much more. The capabilities are endless. Our Android programmers can create any number of Android applications to use in-house, for your customer, or to sell on the Google play store.

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