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About Swyply

We provide IT staffing for businesses all over the world

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Swyply is a team of high-performing software developers working in a staff augmentation model. We help our clients from all around the world extend their teams of talented developers. Our developers work for Polish and foreign SaaS companies, Start-ups, Software Houses and more that need to extend their or their clients’ teams.

How can Swyply help your business?

We focus on finding developers to help fill your additional skill needs. Moreover, we can provide you with one or more developers to help speed up the completion of your project. Furthermore, we can hire out developers from our in house team or from 1 of our 50 partnering Software Houses. 

Why should you join Swyply as a developer?

As a developer, you’ll be working with software companies from Europe and North America that in most cases don’t recruit organically. Working for Swyply on an augmented team basis, you will be able to choose projects that align with your career path and ignite your passion. We want you to enjoy your job and be motivated to complete your task’s day to day.

Satisfied companies & happy developers

We put a heavy focus on making sure that both sides are happy and satisfied with the cooperation. Furthermore, we want our developers to grow in their careers and for our customers to be happy with their extended team and projects. 

Our Company Philosophy

Staff augmentation firm

Our company operates on the idea that great projects can be created when you find the right balance between technical skills and soft skills. Our developers can offer more than just their coding talents, they can consult with you to guarantee project success. We ensure that the developer and the company are a great match in all aspects.

During the interview process, we encourage you to ask many questions to determine if the developer is the right cultural fit, technical fit and how they contributed to previous projects.

Also, our expectation internally is that all our developers have a minimum B2 level English to be able to communicate with our customers from the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Another valuable tip we can offer our customers when taking on augmented staff is to set up meetings to discuss project direction, feedback, expectations etc. Moreover, we will reach out to our customers on a monthly basis, to ensure that our cooperation is meeting their needs. This is the only way this partnership is going to work out well for all parties involved.

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Why us?

Swyply can help you extend your team

We provide companies from UK, Europe, North America & Australia with highly-talented software developers to extend their team. Our developers can help you complete your projects and scale your business at a much quicker pace.


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What does our staff augmentation process look like?

Check out these 8 simple steps to hire talented developers on an augmented basis to join your team.

1 First

What development skills do you need for your team?

Firstly, you need to tell us what you are looking for? What type of developers do you need to fulfill your team? Moreover, please tell us how many developers do you need to extend your team? At this time, you can also provide us details about the scope of your project.

2 Second

Let us search for your developer

Once we know the developer or developers you are looking for, we begin searching for the perfect match in our in-house team and among our partnering Software Houses.

3 Third

Meet your candidates via Blind CV’s

Based on the skill set that you require and are looking for, we will provide you with blind CVs of potential candidates that match your requirements. A blind CV will not include any personal information about the developer. It will include schooling, experience, skills etc. It will provide you with a full picture of what types of skills the developer possesses, so that you can make the best choice for you.

4 Fourth

Face-to-face interviews & technical skills

Once you have selected candidates from the blind CVs, we will organize interviews between you and the candidate. During this time, you can discuss details about your project and get to know the developer better. Moreover, you can request our developers to do a technical skills test. 

5 Fifth

Time to draw up the contract & hire Swyply developers

Once you have selected the Swyply developers that you would like to hire to extend your team, we draw up the contracts. The contract will include a scope of work, duration of co-operation, the daily rate and other necessary details.

6 Sixth

Cooperation of your augmented staff member

Once you have selected the developers that are right for you, they work on your project with your internal team. Our developers are available to you exclusively for the duration of the contract.



Monthly status update

Once a month, we will reach out to your project manager to inquire about the status of our cooperation. We want to know that you are satisfied with your selected developer(s). Moreover, whether you require any additional support that we can provide for you.


Do you want to extend our contract?

A few weeks before the end of the cooperation resulting from the contract, we will reach out to you, to see if you want to extend our co-operation contract?  Or has the project come to a close? 

Tech Stack

Our developers specialise in cutting edge technology

Our software developers use the newest technologies to create apps & websites to meet your specific business needs. Moreover, they can help provide you with support and maintenance on projects that are built using older programming languages.

We pride ourselves in using a wide spectrum of programming languages along with best practices out of the web & app development world. In order to create robust and efficient web applications along with websites.

Our technology stack includes the JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, .net, GO, Java, React Native, Flutter among many others.



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