Our Recruitment Process

Are you looking to become a software developer at Swyply? Are you curious about what our recruitment process looks like?

Our hiring process consists of 6 steps, keep scrolling to learn more.

Hiring developers to work with us
Recruitment and selection process

How to become a Swyply developer

Developers are the backbone of any IT company. These talented individuals use their skills to create and update the software that drives a company’s operations. The development team is responsible for creating and updating software, websites, mobile applications, and other digital products.

We are constantly looking for new talent to hire & join our team of talented software engineers. Our recruitment process helps us find the best talent for our development team. We start by posting job openings on our website and social media channels.

We are looking for developers who have good problem-solving skills and analytical skills. We also want people who are good at working in teams and can communicate effectively.

Our very fast-paced & selective recruitment process to join our development team consists of you:

  • sending us a CV & filling out a form,
  • then it continues with a video interview,
  • and ends with a coding test.

For more information about our hiring process, check out our 6-step recruitment process flowchart below 👇

Recruitment process flowchart

The application & recruitment process

Let’s take some simple steps that will make recruiting a success. Think of using the process flow chart to show the key stages in recruitment and convey important info in an effective way.

Step #1: Send in a resume

Send us your CV & fill out our form

So you found a job opening that you like? Do you think you might be the right candidate for the job? Send us your CV, once we receive that we will request that you fill out a form for our Head of HR.

Man reviewing his CV before sending it in
Step #2: Send us an anonymous CV

Create a Blind CV

In the second step, we will request that you create a Blind CV. You will be provided with a video as to how to create your blind CV. Generally speaking, your Blind CV will consist of three parts.

  1. In the summary, we want to know your career path, how you became a developer, your years of experience, and what your interests are in this field.
  2. The second element is languages. Let us know, what languages you know and to what level such as Polish, English B2, etc.
  3. Another key section in your Blind CV is your experience and lastly tech stack such as programming languages, frameworks, etc.
Step #3: Virtual chit chat

Interview process

After you send back a Blind CV, we will set up an interview with one of our IT experts. We can arrange this interview using Calendly. We will send you a link where we give you 5 days to choose from and various times. You can book your interview and receive an email confirmation. However, if the dates available do not work for you, please let us know and we can unlock more interview slots in Calendly. The interview will be conducted completely in English.

Step #4: Show us your coding skills

Technical skills test

Furthermore, during this interview, you will be asked to perform a technical task in one of two forms. You may be asked to perform some live coding or be given a take-home assignment. When you are asked to do a live coding technical test, the interview can last an hour and a half.

However, in some circumstances, we give our developer candidates a take-home task to complete and return to us. The interview will only last about 30 minutes and you can complete the coding assignment on your own.

Man programming for a code skills test
Step #5: Do you accept our offer?

Feedback & Job offer

After this, we will reach out with our feedback and extend a job offer. During this time we can discuss terms of our cooperation and provide you with a contract.

You can also request to see what our contract looks like beforehand and we will share it with you via email.

Step #6: Welcome to the team

Sign the contract & onboarding process

After this final discussion, we provide you with a contract. After you sign the contract, we also onboard you to our company Swyply. We introduce you to the internal team and show you our internal communication tools along with organisational tools.

Careers page & job boards

Open Positions at Swyply

Check out the open job positions & send us your application to become a Swyply developer:

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Did you have a chance to check out our job posting?

Did something catch your eye? Send us your resume & we will contact you to proceed with the next steps.

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