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Are you wondering why you should choose Swyply?

Well, you get to work with us on a staff augmentation basis & join international development teams on various cool IT projects. 

If that’s not enough, check out more reasons below.

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Why it’s worth applying to Swyply?

What does cooperating with Swyply look like?

Here at Swyply, we work remotely in a no-office model. You can live anywhere in the world and work for Swyply. One value that is important to us is creating a warm & friendly working environment when communicating with each other on a daily basis.

What does it mean to work on a staff augmentation basis at Swyply?

When you work for us on a staff augmentation/ body leasing basis, the most important thing is to find you a project to join. To find you a suitable project you will create a Blind CV that contains only your developer bio & no personal information. Based on this resume & our chats we will start looking for a project for you, 2 or 3 weeks before you officially join our team. It is our goal to find you a project that aligns with your career path and excites you.

These software development projects come to us from Software Houses, SaaS companies, and Startups. We have customers from around the globe, including Poland but also countries from Western Europe and Scandinavia, and North America.

Once we find a cool project for you to join. You will meet with the customer to have a video chat, during this chat they will want to make sure that you are the right fit for them based on the blind CV you have sent to them. Moreover, this is a great opportunity for you to ask them any questions that are important to you.

The benefit of the staff augmentation model for Swyply coders

A big advantage of working on a staff augmentation basis at Swyply is that you work on one long-term project that can last 3 months, 12 months, or more. Once the project is complete you end up on the bench.

During this time we search for a new project for you while still paying for your availability. Also, if at any time during the project, you find that it longer interests you or something is not right, let us know and we will find you a different cool project.

Finding staff augmentation talent 

Recruitment process

Our hiring process consists of 6 steps, from you sending us your CV to a technical interview and finally signing a contract.

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Open positions

Check out these open job positions & apply today to become a software developer at Swyply.

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What do you gain working for our team?

Our Swyply Perks

Check out some of our perks that can be yours when you join Swyply:

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Perk #1:

Access to educational tools & courses

We provide our developers with an unlimited budget for professional growth. You can from a wide range of courses, webinars, ebooks, etc. to grow your skills. If we see that this course brings value to the company we will pay for it.

For example, a member of our team took a course on WCAG standards last year & we covered the cost which was over 3000 PLN.

Perk #2:

English language lessons

If you are currently taking English language lessons or are interested in signing up for this type of course, we would be happy to co-finance them with you. We will pay for half of the monthly net cost of these lessons.

Perk #3:

Home office furniture & technology

We can help you set up your home office, here are a few options that we offer:

  • we can provide you with a MacBook with M1 for the duration of our partnership
  • or, if you prefer, we can co-finance for you a computer, a desk, or a chair that will become your property.
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Perk #4:

Employee referral program

If you have a friend who is also a software engineer and is looking to switch jobs. You can refer him or her to our Head of HR or CEO and earn up to a 5k PLN bonus.

Perk #5:

Growth & Salary

When you start working with us, you get to establish for yourself a career path & growth plan. Every 6 months we meet to discuss your growth, and satisfaction with projects and talk about salary increases.

During this time you can tell us what you like, dislike, etc. This is a fantastic way for you to share your insights & feedback and we can do the same.

FAQ about working for Swyply

Check out some of your frequently asked questions about working for Swyply:

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When working at Swyply, we take care of you by finding you a project, supporting you during the project, and providing you with a new one once the previous one closes. Moreover, we take the time to check in with you, to ensure that you are happy with the project you are working on. If at any moment you feel that you need a change in your project because it’s no longer interesting to you, we can provide you with a better alternative.

Our developers also have access to an unlimited budget to grow their skills using various courses, books, etc. Additionally, we want to celebrate your achievements by having growth and salary chats every 6 months. We are here to help and guide you to the appropriate destination in your career.

We typically hire only full-time developers to work at Swyply. However, if you are a software engineer that is looking for part-time work or perhaps looking for an extra contract, send us your CV. We may be able to come to an agreement and help you out.

We do not offer our programmers paid vacation time. However, we offer them a higher hourly rate.

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