Perks for Swyply developers

As a software developer, you gain many perks working for Swyply. Some of them include working from home forever, growth & salary chats every 6 months, etc.

Keep reading to find out what other benefits you gain when working for Swyply.

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Software engineer benefits

Why is worth being a software developer at Swyply?

As a software developer, you have the door open to a wide range of industries, brands, and projects that need technical expertise. A career as a software engineer offers many advantages such as high salaries, professional growth possibilities, flexibility, and growing demand in the IT industry for experts.

Software engineering has become a lucrative career for many people, and therefore companies are bending over backward to offer some fantastic perks as a way to encourage cooperation.

While we may not offer fresh fruit Mondays, or casual Fridays, we still offer a number of attractive perks for developers that work for Swyply. Some of these software engineer perks include:

  • working from home
  • unlimited budget for professional development
  • growth & salary chats every 6 months
  • referral incentive

Plus so much more, check them out below 👇

Software developer benefits

Our perks for Swyply software developers

Learn more about some of the perks you gain as a programmer working for Swyply.

Perk #1:

Remote work indefinitely

Software developers at Swyply get to work from home forever as we have had a no-office model since the beginning. They have the opportunity to work from any part of the world and still join amazing projects.

Our software engineers have the opportunity to collaborate with teams from all over the world, without leaving the comfort of their own homes. They can join development teams in tech companies, SaaS companies, Software Houses, Startups, etc.

Woman working from home to complete IT project
Perk #2:

Career options

When working for Swyply as a software engineer you gain access to various projects from companies based in Poland and abroad. These projects come to us from Software Houses, SaaS companies, Start-ups, and other tech firms.

We offer you full support & cooperation during all projects by scheduling regular talks to discuss your satisfaction levels for each project. In a scenario where you are unhappy with a project or something is not right, we can place you into a different project that will be more to your liking.

Girl checking out posted open job positions on board
Perk #3:

MacBook or Office furniture

We can help you set up your home office, here are a few options that we offer:

  • we can provide you with a MacBook with M1 for the duration of our partnership
  • or, if you prefer, we can co-finance for you a computer, a desk, or a chair that will become your property.
Man working on his computer developing software
Perk #4:

Referral incentive

Do you have a friend who is a software developer? Do you think he or she might be a good fit for our team? Ask them to send us a CV & earn extra money.

Here at Swyply we have a referral plan where you can receive up to a 5k PLN bonus for inviting other developers to us.

Perk #5:

Language lessons

Most of our Swyply developers have a B2 level English, to support constant learning, growth, and practice we offer them co-financing for English language lessons. 

Perk #6:

Internet & WiFi costs

Another great perk of working from home and for Swyply is we can cover part of your internet bill.

We offer co-financing for your Internet bill, by splitting the cost with you 50 / 50.

Perk #7:

Gym membership

Do you need a break from sitting at your desk all day? Perhaps you just like working out & going to the gym. As a Swyply developer, we got you covered. We offer Multisport cards/gym membership cards.

We offer our developers gym membership cards, there are a few different plans that you can choose from based on your needs and goals. So why not take a mental break and break a sweat at the gym?

Perk #8:

Growth & Salary

When you start working with us, you get to establish for yourself a career path & growth plan.

Every 6 months we meet to discuss your growth, and satisfaction with projects and talk about salary increases.

Perk #9:

Access to educational tools & courses

As a software developer, there is room for constant education. The possibilities for learning new software development techniques are endless. We encourage our developers to keep up with current trends in the industry so that each of their projects is created with innovation.

Here at Swyply we offer our developers an unlimited budget to grow their skills using various courses, books, etc.

Perk #10:

Fantastic atmosphere

Even while working from home, you can still enjoy an excellent work environment. As a developer whether you are interacting with our in-house team members or with members from an external project, you will always be met with kindness & respect.

Here at Swyply, we all understand the importance of a positive, friendly, and supportive work environment.

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