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Hire iOS developers to grow your business

iOS developers represent essential tech experts for businesses of any size. They can help further grow your business by meeting the needs of a target audience that is looking for high-quality applications.

iOS apps are continuously growing in popularity:

  • when you check out the app store you will find over 2 million applications ready to download
  • they are highly monetised and can bring your business a lot of money
  • consumers who own Apple products are ready to pay money for high-quality apps.

Our iOS developers can start work on your iOS app idea ASAP, moreover, they can provide support on any existing iOS development projects.

Our iOS app developers use Swift and Xcode to build incredible applications. Swift is an efficient open-source programming language that features developers enjoy. Xcode provides every tool necessary to develop, build and debug an iOS, Android, or iPhone app.

Hire iOS developers and grow your business into another avenue of the tech world. Take the iOS app development world by storm with the help of finding programmers via IT staffing.

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What to consider when hiring an iOS app engineer? 

Hiring an iOS developer can be an investment for any business. This is why it is important to have a good understanding of the needs of your project and the skills that are required from the software engineer you are looking to employ.

Roles & responsibilities 

Technical skills

A skilled iOS developer should know the Swift programming framework for iOS Apps. They should be accustomed to Swifts’ basic functions & how it functions in the production stage.

Additionally, iOS developers should have an excellent command of using Xcode IDE and Interface builder.

An iOS developer should also have knowledge of JSON as it is used to send data back and forth between various networks.


They need to have knowledge of UX UI to create an excellent user experience. When iOS developers create applications they need to create & manipulate 2D & 3D objects.

Valuable personality traits

Soft skills

Some soft skills that are valuable in iOS developers include:


In order to be a successful iOS developer, one should possess analytical skills and excellent communication skills.


Additionally, this person who has a high level of flexibility and adaptability will be able to work well in this environment because the IT industry is very dynamic and fast-paced.

Lastly, a good iOS developer needs to have excellent time management skills and problem-solving skills.

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What projects can the best iOS developers take part in?

iOS developers can take part in a wide range of projects such as app development for iPhones, for iPads along with product development for IoT and creating apps for the Apple Watch. Check out more details about these projects.

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iOS app for the iPhone

When you rent iOS developers they can help with building apps for the iPhone. Our iPhone app developers can create applications that are secure and prevent issues such as:

  • data duplication
  • data theft
  • data encryption

Moreover, they can develop a mobile application that provides a superior user experience starting with aesthetically designed app icons through to user interface and more. Additionally, any iPhone app development is easy to scale in the future when the need for it arises and as your business grows.

App solutions

iOS app for iPad

Another interesting avenue to expand to is creating iOS apps for the iPad. Our iOS app developers can help you create unique, high-quality, and secure applications for the iPad using similar iOS development tools like XCode.

Developing an iOS app for the iPad is a good idea because the iPad has a bigger screen size than the iPhone. Moreover, the iPad offers people with another way to interact with technology, meaning that you can create applications for many purposes such as:

  • reading books
  • playing games
  • organisational tools
  • fitness guides
  • etc.

Developers can take advantage of this technological niche to create apps that are specifically tailored to iPad users.

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iOS to build Internet of Things products

When you hire iOS developers that can help you build IoT products for various industries and markets. The fantastic thing about IoT products is it takes a device (or a group) that has sensors, software, etc, and connects to WiFi or Bluetooth, to enable the exchange of information and data. This connection can massively improve consumer lives. For example, an iPhone user can connect & regulate the heating in their home by simply clicking on an iOS app on their device.

Some other IoT products that can be developed using iOS include:

  • other smart home features
  • fitness trackers
  • devices that are voice-controlled
  • navigation & tracking systems
  • and more
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Creating watchOS app

Why do developers have to limit their apps to mobile? Our developers can develop iOS apps for watches and connect with the audience. We have created all Apple Watch Apps categories with simple iPhone connectivity.

Some popular wearable apps include:

  • Health & Fitness
  • City maps
  • Weather apps

A process on how to find & hire iOS app developers

Developers & programmers

We can help you hire the best iOS developers to join your software development team. When you use IT staffing you can hire iOS developers in 8 simple steps. The first step is learning what you need. Next we find all suitable candidates & you pick which iOS developers would like to interview. After the interview process is over, you choose which app developers to hire.

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Our Guarantee

Risk-free 2 weeks iOS app programmers for hire!


Are you worried that the iOS app programmer you hire won’t be the right fit and you’ll lose money? We have a solution! We offer a risk-free trial period that lasts two weeks giving you a safeguard in case something changes or is not working out.

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Our tech stack

Our customers can have various technology needs based on their software development projects. In order to meet these demands, our IT experts use the latest, most reliable tools and technologies. Using these programming languages they are able to create web apps, mobile applications, wearable apps, IoT products, online shops, websites, and more. Moreover, our developers can provide you with support and maintenance on older projects that may not have the latest tech stack versions.

Aside from iOS developers that specialize in swift programming language and have experience with iOS ecosystem, we also offer coders that specialize in a plethora of other technology stacks. Some of these include JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, .net, GO, Java, Android, React Native, and Flutter.

Our team consists of Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, and Mobile Developers. Our developers have a seniority level from regular to senior. Moreover, we can also provide you with Junior Developers or Tech Leaders.

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Swyply advantages

Why choose Swyply to hire iOS coders?

Here are the top two reasons why you should choose Swyply for your staff augmentation needs:

in house developers

In-House iOS developers

We have an in-house team of top iOS developers that you can choose to bring onto your team on a contract basis. Our in-house team consists of Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile Developers.

Most of our developers have a minimum of 3 years of experience in any given tech stack. However, if you need a Tech Leader or Team Leader, we can hire this type of specialist for you. Moreover, we can provide you with Junior Developers to meet your project requirements.

Partnering software houses

iOS Developers from partnering Software Houses

In case we cannot find a developer from our in-house team, don’t stress, we have partnering companies ready to help us out. We can borrow and hire IT developers for you from 1 of 50+ partnering Software Houses. Just like our in-house developers, they possess various experiences and programming knowledge.

We take care of this process on our end, and you get the specialist you need without the extra hassle and stress. So, we handle the communication and invoicing with the Software Houses. You do not have to worry about handling anything with a third-party software house.

Why you should hire iOS developers

Benefits of hiring dedicated iOS developers using staff augmentation 

Check out some benefits that your company gains by hiring iOS developers using IT staffing solutions.

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cost effective

No additional employment costs

When you hire iOS developers using IT staffing, you only have to pay the daily rate that is stated in your contract. You do not have to cover costs that are associated with permanent employment such as healthcare, taxes, etc.

increase revenue

Increase your revenue

Hiring iOS developers using IT staff augmentation can help increase your revenue because you have more hands to complete projects and serve more customers. You can also deliver products faster to market.

skill gap

Skill gap

Is your project missing iOS developers? Are missing an individual with iOS development experience? We can help you fill that skill gap by lending out an iOS developer who specializes in swift programming language and iOS architecture. Furthermore, you can decide how long you need to fill that talent gap, whether this is for short-term projects or long-term projects.

FAQ about finding iOS developers

Check out some answers to your most frequently asked questions about finding tech talent for your next app development project.

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Not to worry! You can hire an entire team of remote iOS app developers to help you build the custom software you need. In this scenario, you may decide to hire iOS developers at different seniority levels such as one senior developer, one mid-regular developer, and perhaps a junior developer.

  • The junior coder can be assigned coding tasks along with testing
  • The mid-regular developer can help with coding and testing but they can also help coordinate various aspects between the junior and senior developers.
  • Lastly, the senior developer can assist with coding but also manage various tasks, consult on technological solutions, etc. Moreover, they can work closely with your project manager and customer

When you hire iOS developers to build your mobile apps, you will be appealing to the North American demographic a lot more, than the European or Asia market. Not to say that Europeans do not use Apple devices, but iOS is vastly more popular in the US.

Moreover, an iOS developer can build you an application that is abundant in features and widgets that are not only secure but quicker to develop. If you are hiring an iOS app developer to create an app that will later find itself on the apple app store, chances are it will make you more money than an Android app.

Additionally, iOS app developers only use one programming language Swift to develop applications for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, etc. They do not have to use several different tech stacks, like in the case of Android mobile app development.

If you would like to learn more about android applications check out how to hire Android app developers.

The hourly rate to hire iOS developers varies based on the type of expert and the level of experience. Our rates range from $15 to $60 per hour. Generally, at $15 per hour, you will get a junior developer that has around 3 years of experience. However, at the $60 per hour rate you would get a senior developer who will have 5 plus years of experience. Moreover, a senior developer may also be able to take on the role of a Tech Leader. This would enable them to do more than just code your project. They would be able to help organize and manage tasks along with offering technical advice.

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