Process of hiring developers through IT staff augmentation

Hiring developers is a difficult task. Many IT companies use IT staff augmentation to hire programmers.

Check out this step-by-step guide to hiring the best developers using staff augmentation.

Hiring developers to work with us
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How to hire dedicated developers & remote dev teams in 8 steps

Using IT staff augmentation to hire software developers has never been easier. Check out our lending out process and see how quickly new software engineers can join your team.

1 First

Let us know what developers you need?

The first step is determining what IT skills you are missing in your current team of developers. Once you have this information, reach out to us with what type of IT specialist you need. During this time you can also provide us with project details to help us find you the best candidates possible for the job.

2 Second

Looking for your software developers

Will look for software developers within our in-house team of programmers, if we cannot find a suitable match, we will expand our search and look for developers in partnering Software Houses.

3 Third

Evaluate anonymous resumes

For each potential candidate, you will receive an anonymous resume to get to know each developer a little better. Based on these resumes you will pick the ones that you would like to interview in the next step.


4 Fourth

Interview potential coders

We will schedule interviews for you with each developer to meet virtually. During this stage, you can also request for our programmers to carry out skill tests.



5 Fifth

Sign the contract & hire expert programmers

Once you have selected the programmers that you would like to hire from Swyply we will draw up & sign the contract. This contract will have vital information such as the start date, the duration of the project, the daily rate, and the date of completion.


6 Sixth

Software engineers work with your employees

During this phase, our software developers work with your team on your project. Our developers are available only to you for the duration of our cooperation.


Monthly check-in

Every month, we reach out to you to check in. We want to make sure that everything is okay when it comes to our cooperation. We will ask whether you have additional needs or requirements for your software projects.


Do you want to extend our contract? 

Just a few weeks before the end of our contract, we will contact you to see if you need to extend our contract. Or has your software development project come to a close?

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