Benefits of IT staff augmentation services

Do you have a major project that you want to tackle? Are you short-staffed? Staff augmentation can help you achieve your goals in a convenient time frame. Completing project’s faster, is just one benefit of using an augmented workforce. Check out some other benefits!

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Choosing staff augmentation services

How you can benefit using IT staffing services?

IT staff augmentation is the term used to describe the hiring of qualified developers on a project requirement basis.

When you to choose to work closely with us, you can gain employees for short-term and long-term projects. We hire out software developers for a minimum of 3 months. However, we are happy to supply you with talented software engineers for 6 months, 9 months, 12 months or more.

You may look to team augmentation services when you have large projects ahead, and you may not have enough full time employees to handle the job. Moreover, you may consider this hiring model when you are missing certain skills to meet your deadlines.

Additionally, staff augmentation service allows you to have the resources you require to implement scalable projects and focus on your business goals. You no longer have to lose money, due to lack of employees and not completing products or meeting your customer’s needs.

There are a number of other surprising benefits of IT staff augmentation, such as:

  • increasing your revenue,
  • flexible contracts
  • no additional employment costs

Check them out and others below.

Cut costs

No additional costs of employment

When you use IT staff augmentation services, the only cost that you have to bear is the daily or monthly rate that was previously agreed upon. You save yourself money on additional costs. You no longer have to:

  • Invest in infrastructure, so you do not pay for hardware that your augmented staff may need. You do not have to buy laptops, office furniture, etc. 
  • You do not have to pay vacation or sick leave.
  • Your company does not have to pay to keep an employee on the bench that may not have any projects to complete.
  • Additionally, you do not have to pay for added employee perks such as gym memberships, private medical care, e-learning courses, etc.
  • Lastly, you do not have to worry about paying for health insurance or retirement funds.
Cutting costs
Augmented staffing model

Reduced recruitment time and cost

When you use IT staff augmentation services, you are able to reduce the time of a traditional recruitment process. The staff augmentation model allows us to provide you with a suitable team member within a few days or a week’s time.

Using the traditional hiring method, you may have to wait 4 to 6 weeks before you can onboard your new hire.

Moreover, you do not have to pay an HR agency to find you a candidate. Additionally, you do not have to expand or burden your existing in house HR, because headhunting and hiring is done on our end as the augmentation services vendor.

Stay ahead of your calendar

Complete projects faster

When you add more developers to your existing team, you gain more working hands to meet demand. This can benefit your company in the following ways:

  • surpassing your deadlines
  • optimizing your costs more efficiently, by concluding projects earlier than planned
  • turning over projects to your customers quicker to ensure their satisfaction
Our two week guarantee
Bring in more money

Drastically increase your revenue

IT staff augmentation services enables your business to drastically increase its revenue because you have:

  • more hands to work, which means the ability to complete projects faster
  • the ability to serve more customers
  • more products or services to sell on the market


Saving money
Retain control

Full control over the developer

When hiring one of our developers, they are fully committed to working with you on your project, 8 hours a day. They work exclusively with your in house team.

You alone manage their working time and the resources they use, just as if they were hired internally and employed full time.

Per project basis

Flexible contract based on your actual needs

We sign with you a contract for a minimum of 3 months, that can be extended at a later date, or we can from the start create a long term contract. Our contract will have a notice period of one month, in the event that something happens with the project, you can always resign from using our developer.

Additionally, we give you the option to add on additional developers to your project at anytime. You can also request to replace the developer that you originally chose. If, after the first two weeks of cooperation with the developer, things are not going well, you can resign from it at no cost.

Fill the missing piece of the puzzle

Skill gap

IT augmentation services can help you fill the skill gap that exists in your company. You can hire from us talented software developers for both short-term and long-term projects. 

You can use these services to fill your team in order to complete a project. For example, you may have a group of Back-End Developers, but you need a Front-End Developer to create the UI interface. We can provide an expert Front-End Developer to join your team for a minimum of 3 months.

Moreover, you can use staff enhancement to hire on a software engineer for a specific period of time, that you would not need to traditionally recruit and hire on a permanent basis.

Temporary staff augmentation

Bridge to hire

Do you need a software engineer for a project while recruiting for this position? You can hire our remote developers for a minimum of 3 months on a temporary basis while trying to recruit someone for a permanent role.

Hiring temporary workers while you proceed with traditional recruitment can help you keep projects going and meet your deadlines. You do not have to worry about financial losses, due to being short-staffed.

Global IT talent pool

No geographical limitations

Remote work has become a standard in most companies, especially in the IT industry. You are no longer limited in terms of location. Using our staff augmentation services, you gain the ability to hire top-notch software engineers from all the around world.

When you hire our developers they can work on your project during hours that overlap with your in house team. This allows easier communication, exchange of feedback etc. Also, our developers can be available to you during daily or weekly team calls.

Fluid staff changes

Keep your team flexible

Another advantage to augmented staffing is flexibility. You are able to hire one or more developers on a project requirement basis. Moreover, you can switch one developer for another, if your project requires a skill change. This strategy gives you the ability to expand your team as needed.

Some examples of flexibility made possible with team augmentation include:

  • You may have a team of Back-End Developers but are missing a Front-End Developer for a certain project.
  • You may decide that you need a Mobile Developer for one aspect of a project for 3 months and after that you will no longer need this type of technical expertise.
  • You hired from us a Front-End Developer that specialises in Angular for 3 months, but now you wish to switch for a Developer that specialises in a Back-End technology such as Ruby on Rails.
Employee departures

Reduce workplace attrition

Staff augmentation is a great solution if you are looking to avoid constant employee resignation. Our developers are committed to the contract and will carry out the project from start to finish.

In the rare case that one of our developers cannot continue with the project, we will replace them with someone from our team. Using staff augmentation, you gain experienced professionals and have a buffer against the great resignation.

Full time employee

Empower your existing staff

Using staff augmentation to hire software developers allows you to empower your permanent employees and your company in the following ways:

  • they can code your project while also giving advice on technical solutions
  • they can discuss with you or your client difficult technical aspects
  • they can consult with you or manage various tasks

The augmented staff member that joins your team is a well rounded developer that can work alongside your software development engineers while giving you a much needed boost.

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