How does IT staff augmentation impact Human Resources?

You can’t use the IT staff augmentation model without an internal human resources team. The effects of IT staff augmentation services on your human resources team are vast and multiple. There are numerous benefits to combining staffing services with HR. Let’s explore them together below.

Guide to employee absenteeism – causes, costs & solutions

Are you struggling with employee absenteeism in the workplace? Do employees miss work without a reasonable explanation? Does this impact your company’s productivity and revenue? But you are unsure of the causes, costs, or solutions. Stick with us and let’s explore in depth employee absenteeism in the workplace.

IT staff augmentation vendor red flags

There are some IT staff augmentation vendor red flags that you need to look out for before picking the provider. Let’s explore them together, that way you can avoid a bad staff augmentation partner. Check out our red flags & best practices when finding & working with a staffing vendor.

What is nearshore IT staff augmentation?

The nearshore IT staff augmentation model provides the perfect solution for businesses that need fresh talent. But are also concerned about geographic barriers. You have the ability to hire coders from nearby countries that are similar to you. Check out how this model works & its benefits below.