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When you use IT staff augmentation services you can add some of the best software developers to your team ASAP. This can help scale your business and complete your projects faster. Check out other goals of IT staff augmentation services that may come in handy for your business.

Goals of IT staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation services can help you reach many goals that may not be possible with traditional hiring or other solutions.

For example, you can motivate your employees to improve their productivity through salary raises, extended weekends, team-building activities, etc. Nevertheless, some situations will fail to function as intended. In other words, you may encounter a situation in your tech business where your internal team cannot deal with a significant workload. IT staffing is a great option.

The 👉 function of staff augmentation 👈 is a process that entails hiring skilled employees and placing them into specific roles within a company or firm on a project basis.

For example, you 👉 hire a React Native developer 👈 from a staff augmentation company to create a mobile app. Once the project is complete, the developer moves on to another company and a new project.

Overview of staff augmentation services

Think of staff augmentation like online dating, not medieval courtship. You can swipe right or left on the developer candidates to see who you would like to meet. Also, you collaborate with this developer for as long as you want without long-term obligations. You aren’t looking for a long-term partnership with this developer but rather a project-based agreement.

This is not like with permanent employees which we could think of as medieval courtship. In this scenario whether you have a project for the developer or not, you still have to pay them and keep them on the team.

Staff augmentation allows you to pick and choose programmers on demand based on the projects that currently have a skill gap. You hire additional developers to increase the number of employees you have. All in order to more efficiently complete jobs and roll out responsibilities. Keep reading to learn about why staff augmentation is a good fit for your business. And can help you achieve an array of goals.

What are the key goals of IT staff augmentation?

We have created a list of 11 goals you can achieve with the help of IT staff augmentation. Some of these goals include the ability to scale your business faster & hiring only the best tech talent. Also, being able to relieve your HR department, and saving money on developers who are on the bench, etc.

Let’s dive into each one of these and more in greater detail.

Growing business with temporary workers

My goal in using IT staff augmentation services is to scale my business faster

Many businesses struggle with growing their development teams fast enough due to market demands. This could be due to a number of reasons.

1. Cannot scale my business due to budget issues

Your business may have a limited budget in terms of how many people you can hire permanently. In this case, you may not be able to afford to hire someone full-time despite the fact that you need more employees to grow your business.

The staff augmentation model can help you with this conundrum. It allows you to hire enough software developers to scale your budget while not adding them to your full-time employees’ roster.

2. It takes forever to recruit new employees

Another roadblock when trying to scale your business is not being able to recruit coders fast enough to join your projects. When you use staff augmentation you can add new employees to your team in as little as 5 to 7 days.

Staff augmentation provides you with software developers who:

  • can use their skills, knowledge, and experience to fill any necessary gaps
  • are available to join your team ASAP and will move your project forward
Software development company with new team members

My goal with IT staff augmentation is to provide my company with the best developers ASAP

Traditional recruitment comes with its own unique set of challenges. The biggest one being is finding a candidate who will add something of value to your company. You may find yourself looking through dozens of CVS only to find a couple that has enough value to actually move onto the next step of your hiring process.

One of the benefits of staff augmentation is being able to hire augmented staff that has been pre-vetted. Swyply runs each of its developers through a recruitment process. During this process, we are able to test technical skills and soft skills.

This process enables us to provide you with software engineers whose skills meet your expectations. They can join your team and actually complete their work. They do not need training, they did not lie on their CV, etc.

The expectation that you have to hire only the best developers can be a reality when you use an IT staffing agency to hire pre-vetted developers. Our developers will match your technical expectations but they will also fit in culturally in terms of soft skills.

Also, many developers that come from staffing agencies can join your team fairly quickly. Here at Swyply, in many cases, we can have a programmer join your team in as little as one week.

Alarm clock ringing to remind you that your project should be finished

I want to use team augmentation to complete company projects faster

Completing projects on time or before the deadline can be a challenge for any tech company. You may find that your current development team cannot take on any more tasks. Or they are overworked due to the abundance of responsibilities.

You may also want to complete projects faster to have a competitive advantage. For example, you want to finish MVP projects in 3 months, which your competition can finish in 6 months. This can help you attract more customers, increase your revenue and be a top choice for software development.

The solution to completing your projects faster is using staff augmentation to gain more skilled developers.

A goal of staff augmentation is to increase the effectiveness of recruitment by reducing the hiring of the wrong people

A common problem in the IT industry is hiring developers who end up being a letdown. They can be a letdown in terms of their technical expertise or cultural fit. A poorly fitting new hire can cause you to question whether these issues can be resolved.

Is there a way to help the new developer to polish their technical skills? Or can we provide him or her with some training? Will this training stick or would it be a waste of money? You may also question how to help the new developer fit in when it comes to soft skills. They may not have the best communication skills or they are toxic in the workplace. So again you question what can you do in this scenario.

Some companies will try to make it work for as long as possible until they see that nothing is changing. While other companies will let the poor-fitted new hire go and start recruitment all over again. They will cross their fingers in the hopes that the next person they hire will be a better fit.

Sounds exhausting right?

Not to mention that in most circumstances this problem is expensive.

So how can I make my recruitment more effective?

Reach out to a staff augmentation service provider to help you effectively hire remote developers on a project basis.

Using staff augmentation you can hire developers that have been pre-vetted using a rigorous recruitment process. For example, all Swyply developers have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a given tech stack. So they are at least a MID or Regular developer, not junior.

On their CV and during their interview they will be able to verify their skills and explain what tech skills they used where and why. Also, we have run them through technical skills tests whether this is live coding or a take-home assignment. And we have chatted with them to gain a better understanding of their soft skills.

Even the developers that we lend out from partnering software houses are of high quality. You expect outstanding coding skills along with great interpersonal skills.

We can vouch for the developers that we lend you on a project basis. Also, you get the opportunity to interview each candidate in an accelerated recruitment process. That way you can ensure that they are the right match. Though in many cases this is strictly a formality.

So when you use staff augmentation you gain the right experts faster. Also, there are very minimal chances that you will get someone who is not meeting your expectation.

But What if the augmented team member isn’t working out?

We can switch the developer for another one based on our 👉 14-day risk-free trial period 👈. And if that does not work or perhaps you do not want to use that option, we can end our cooperation.

increase dedicated team productivity

My goal in using temporary staffing is to increase my company’s productivity & efficiency

Project managers and customers alike may complain that a project is lagging behind. It may be brought to your attention that your IT team is not as productive as it once was. This could be due to an unexpected workload, too many responsibilities not enough time, or just not enough working hands.

So while there is no magic spell to make your in-house team more productive and efficient. There are some things that you can do. The first thing you can do is hire IT professionals and a supplementary IT workforce using staff augmentation.

The staff augmentation model can help you meet your business objectives by providing additional developers on a project basis. Your project managers can use these additional coders to better distribute the workload. This will hopefully help with productivity and efficiency.

I want to work with a staff augmentation company to reduce employee turnover

Let’s be honest employee turnover among development teams is a problem. Developers quickly leave one company for another. This is largely due to the fact that they want to grow professionally and hate stagnation.

However, if you are the CEO or even the Head of HR this can cause massive problems for your tech business. You will constantly find holes in your team that you need to patch up in order for your company to function properly.

Using staff augmentation you can avoid having a talent gap for a particular position or multiple roles in your team on and off. The goal of staff augmentation is to provide you with a software developer that will fill that talent gap. Moreover, if the one originally given to you has to leave your project, the team augmentation company will fill that slot ASAP so that you are not short-staffed.

I want to use augmentation services to reduce the costs that are generated by keeping a developer on the bench

Hiring a software developer as a permanent member of your in-house development team can be expensive. It can be costly because you may not always have work for him or her.

You may find that you are keeping developers ‘on the bench’ that are not assigned to any particular project. This can take a toll on your bottom line because you are paying a salary for someone’s time despite the fact that they are not actually working. They are not contributing for the time being to your company in terms of tech talent or revenue from a completed project.

Now firing someone just because you do not have a project for him or her at this very moment may not always be the best option. Let’s not forget that hiring and firing can also hike up company expenses.

So what are you supposed to do? You need developers for certain projects but not forever, how can you get around this?

Simple, use staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation allows you to hire developers per project and on demand. Let’s say you need a front-end developer for 9 months and that’s it. Well, you can do that with this hiring model. You add the developer for the time you need, pay his or her daily rate and once the project is complete you say goodbye. It’s that easy.

Better yet Swyply will enable to you to switch developers if something changes in your project with no questions asked as part of our risk-free trial period. Here are some more details about our 👉 14-day guarantee 👈 to see why using Swyply to hire your next programmer on a project basis just makes sense.

Using staff augmentation services I can relieve my human resource department

The human resource department in any company usually has its hands pretty full of tasks. They take care of the full recruitment process. They handle sourcing new development talent, and verifying CVs, for interviews and employment contracts. Not to mention they also have to worry about sick leave, vacations, etc. of each company employee.

You may want to relieve your human resource department from some of their responsibilities because you see that they just keep piling up.

Guess what you can do that by using a staffing agency.

Here’s how staff augmentation makes relieving your HR possible:

One of the huge benefits of staff augmentation is they carry out most of the recruitment process for you. They will find all the candidates for you and provide you with a shortlist. Also, they will set up interviews that usually are just a formality. And once you pick the developer you want to hire, you only need to sign one contract.

Your human resources department doesn’t have to do much when you use this solution to hire new team members.

Man thinking of new ideas

Using a staffing agency I can add developers who will bring a fresh perspective to my in-house team

Adding fresh blood to your existing staff can help bring a much-needed fresh perspective. This new perspective can be gained by hiring permanent employees but also by using team augmentation services.

It is important to remember that when you hire someone internally they may stop offering new ideas and solutions because they do not feel they are valued. Or they will not offer their ideas at all for fear of losing work. Lastly, a new employee working internally for a number of months may have that creativity stomped right out of them. Unfortunately, in some cases, we fall into a routine and new ideas just do not come as easily or at all.

Now, these types of problems can be avoided when you use staff augmentation to hire new developers for your team. Our developers care about their work and the project they are working on. But they are not as dependent on the company or the project they are currently in. They have less of a barrier when it comes to speaking up when they feel that something could be done differently and make the project overall better.

Security of data information

I want to use an augmented team while still securing the code & having legal rights.

So perhaps you are convinced that staff augmentation can help you in terms of providing you with the right team member for the job. But, you are worried about the security of your project. And also, you wonder about intellectual property rights.

Let us put your mind at ease by giving you an example of how Swyply handles privacy protection and copyright issues.

First of all Swyply developers sign with us a non-disclosure agreement to ensure privacy protection. Next, they will sign over the intellectual property rights of any code they create.

We do the same thing for our customers. We will sign an NDA with you. And we will sign over all rights to the code that our programmers develop for you. This way everything belongs to you and cannot be leaked to anyone.

Developer working on project

With staff augmentation, I can develop my project using my in-house teams with the support of augmented remote developers

Do you have a project that you would like to keep internally but are missing some technical expertise in order to get it started? You want to be able to add this tech project to your company portfolio and gain the revenue it will generate, so project outsourcing is not an option. Neither is hiring independent contractors to complete the project for you, without your input.

Perhaps, you worry that giving your project to an outsourcing company will cause security risks and data leakage. So once again you want to keep the project internally but you still need help completing it.

Or you just like to have control, and perhaps you even like to micromanage certain aspects of the development process. So you cannot see yourself giving the company to someone else to complete.

Staff augmentation can help you keep the project in-house. While also providing you with a remote team to assist your local team in completing the project. This way you don’t have to worry about losses in revenue, security breaches, loss of control, etc.

TL;DR: Short-term & long-term objectives of IT staff augmentation conclusion

So let us give you a quick rundown of 11 goals you may want to achieve when using IT staff augmentation:

  • Scaling your business faster
  • Having only the best developers on your team
  • Completing projects at the speed of light
  • Increase the effectiveness of recruitment & not hire the wrong person
  • Increase productivity with the help of temporary staff
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce costs associated with keeping a developer on the bench
  • Relieve your human resource department from running recruitment procedures
  • Add developers who will bring a fresh perspective
  • Maintain project security and intellectual project rights to code
  • Keep control over your project and help your in-house team using external resources to complete tasks

Are there any goals that we missed? Or perhaps you have a question about these goals and want more information? Feel free to 👉 drop us a line 👈 and let’s talk about the goals of staff augmentation.

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