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An IT staff augmentation company is designed to provide you with people who will enhance the skills of your existing team. It allows your business to immediately find appropriate talent for positions in your project.

Find an IT staff augmentation company

Companies choose to hire temporary software developers using IT staffing services for a few reasons such as:

  • decreasing the total cost that is associated with hiring someone full-time
  • maintaining productivity by not overworking permanent employees
  • taking on unique projects while still focusing on key business goals

Now choosing the right staffing services can be a challenge. You need to be able to ensure that they can provide you with job seekers that meet your job description.

You also want to find a company that has an exemplary track record. Moreover, you probably want the flexibility to be able to hire coders on-demand basis.

What do you need to know before working with an IT staffing agency?

Finding the right IT staffing company is not an easy task. But you can find a good one by asking yourself the right questions. Here are five questions to consider before beginning talks with a staffing company.

  1. What are your goals?
  2. How many developers do you need?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. How long should the contract be?
  5. What are your hiring needs (part-time, full-time)?

Who uses IT staff augmentation services?

There are various companies that use IT staff augmentation services to meet their needs. Moreover, they are able to fill the skill gaps that exist on their in-house teams.

Startup companies


If you run a startup company, you may also find using staffing agencies useful. This solution is popular among startups that have fewer employees and many projects to tackle.

Your company may not be able to afford to hire many software engineers full-time. Not to mention the cost of keeping someone on the bench, even if they are no longer needed.

Staff augmentation is a great solution to add technical expertise to your team and not break the bank. You can add developers & switch them easily based on the changes in your projects.

Coder working at a Software house

Software Houses

Another popular customer of staffing firms is Software Houses. They are able to hire programmers on a project basis. This solution helps minimize the time it would take to hire someone traditionally.

Programmers are able to join the team to build custom software development and once the project is complete the developer moves on. The company does not have to pay to keep him or her on the payroll.

The Software House can now choose to hire different coders at any time to help with other projects. While also continuously growing their business.

SaaS company tech talent

SaaS companies

Lastly, SaaS companies choose staffing agencies to help develop their products. Many of these products are cloud-based applications such as email, calendars, and other office organizational tools.

Some popular programmers they hire may include 👉 Laravel coders 👈 and 👉 Python developers 👈. They may also go with hiring 👉 Java software engineers 👈 to develop a SaaS solution.

4 tips on how to choose the best staff augmentation company

So, if you are wondering what the best way to choose a staff augmentation company for you is, we have 4 tips that will help you with this process.

Review various IT staffing companies online

The first step in finding an IT staffing agency is to research the market. There are many agencies that offer IT staff augmentation services. It’s important for the company to find one that has a good reputation in the industry. Moreover, you want to find one that has a proven track record.

It’s also important for your company to know what you are looking for in terms of skillsets, experience, and cultural fit before they start looking at potential candidates. Also, make sure you avoid IT staff augmentation vendor red flags such as unrealistic price estimations, poor employee rankings, and traditional sales pitches.

Conduct chats with each company to learn more

Once you find various staffing solutions online, you should contact each one to learn more about how they work. During this conversation, you may want to learn what dedicated teams they offer you. Also, what individual programmers you can hire, and the 👉 cost of using staffing services 👈?

Additionally, during this chat, you can present what your needs are, and the goals you are trying to meet.

Interview potential hires from the IT staffing company

Once you have narrowed down which IT staffing agency you would like to cooperate with, it’s time to interview potential coders that you can hire. For most companies, the process of you interviewing their talent is strictly a formality.

This is a great time for you to ask questions. You want to make sure that the developer you are hiring meets your expectations. Also, during this time you can ask software engineers to perform a live coding skills test or perhaps a take-home assignment.

Have a solid contract

Once you have decided on the company and the software developers that you want to hire from them, it is key to have a solid contract. The contract should include the project scope details such as duration, responsibilities, etc.

It will also, have information about the agreed-upon daily or monthly rate. Along with a payment plan, to let you know when the invoice will be sent. Also, when you need to pay the invoice.

Notice period

Also, it should have information about a notice period or what happens in the event of changes to your project or otherwise. You want to also ensure that the company offers you some guarantee or a risk-free trial.

Privacy Agreement

Aside from a contract of cooperation, you may also want the staffing company to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Workforce organization and management

What types of IT staff augmentation models are there?

There are a few different types of IT staff augmentation models. Learn more about each one to choose the best one for your business needs.

B-O-T staff augmentation

The Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) staff augmentation model is one of the most popular types of BOT staffing.

The BOT staff augmentation model is a process in which the employer transfers or outsources certain staff functions to an external company. Once the functions are complete they pay for the service.

Also, BOT staffing is often used when an organization needs temporary developers for a short duration of time.

This model involves an organization contracting temporary workers from a third-party company. The company that hires these employees continues business as usual. Once, the contract ends these workers go back to the original company.

Team augmentation

This staff augmentation solution is case-sensitive. It is very adaptive. Therefore it makes it easier to tailor around your current software development company. You are able to identify your talent gaps and fill them.

This model allows for an easy hiring process in which you get to interview potential programmers. Moreover, you are provided with a 👉 risk-free trial period👈 .

You are offered support throughout the partnership in case something changes within your project. This is similar to the traditional hiring method. But accelerated and without a lot of extra hassle.

Hire one software developer using staff augmentation services

You can also use staff augmentation services to hire one software developer to work on your project for as long as you need. In this case, you do not hire a team or several developers, you only add one member to your already existing team.

This programmer will join your team remotely and work their magic. They will code your project and be available for team meetings. This option allows you to hire developers onsite, nearshore, or offshore depending on your preference.

Fixed scope staff augmentation

This model is pretty self-explanatory. However, this option is very rarely offered. But when it is you and the staff augmentation provider establish at the beginning the scope of the project and a fixed rate. The length of the project, the number of highly qualified developers, the rate, etc. are outlined in your contract. This fixed arrangement leaves very little wiggle room.

What does the staff augmentation hiring process look like?

The process of hiring new members via staff augmentation services is similar to traditional hiring. It’s just more fast-paced. Additionally, many aspects & responsibilities fall onto the staffing agency. Thus taking away some responsibility from you & your hiring managers.

Various tech talent choices from a staffing agency

Evaluating your needs

The first thing a staff augmentation agency will do is evaluate the needs you have in order to find appropriate developers. You need to be able to identify the type of developer whether it be front-end, back-end, or mobile. Moreover, you need to know which 👉 technology stack 👈 they should specialize in. Lastly, how many programmers do you need to extend your team?

Selecting suitable candidates

The next step in the process is for the staffing agency to look through its database. They will select appropriate people to match your needs. Once they find appropriate matches they will compile a list along with CVs to allow you to pick who you would like to interview.


During this phase, you will interview each candidate you picked based on the resumes you were sent. As a part of the interview process, you may also ask for programmers to carry out a technical skills test.

You hire your top picks

After the interview process, you let the company know which candidate or candidates you would like to hire to join your development team.

Sign a contract to hire

Then you will sign a contract that specifies the duration of the project and the rate. During this time you may also sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Onboarding & working on your project

Now the developer or dedicated team of coders will join your team. In the beginning, they should go through an accelerated onboarding process with you. Afterward, they will work on your project. They will work alongside your existing team of programmers, QA testers, project managers, etc.

Project completion & offboarding

After your project has come to a close and you are happy with its success, it is time to say goodbye to your augmented staff. During this time you can provide final feedback for the developers you hired along with the staff augmentation provider. Moreover, you will want to pay any outstanding invoices for these services.

Just a few benefits of team augmentation services

The advantages of using team augmentation services to expand your team are endless. You gain access to a global talent pool and your team can complete projects faster. Also, your company does not have to cover additional employment costs. Learn more details about these benefits below.

Staffing firm searching for people on map

Access a global talent pool

When you use staff augmentation services, you gain access to a global talent pool. You hire software developers from all around the world. Some destinations include Central & Eastern Europe.

Checklist of completed web development projects

Complete projects faster

Adding additional skilled professionals can help you complete projects faster. You can spread out your workload more evenly to ensure tasks are done on time. Moreover, you can add these software engineers to projects that are a top priority in order to meet deadlines.

Cost saving solution

No additional employment costs

Using the staff augmentation model to hire developers can help you save money on additional employment costs. You will no longer have to cover costs such as:

  • taxes, health insurance, retirement funds
  • office infrastructures such as laptops, office chairs, and desk
  • employee perks such as gym memberships, movie vouchers, etc.
  • investing in ongoing training & educational tools
Developers working on a temporary basis

Full control over your project & the developer

When you hire a developer using staff augmentation you maintain full control over your project. This team member joins your team remotely and works just as if they were a permanent hire. They work under your project manager and alongside your other programmers, QA testers, etc.

The project itself is not outsourced to anyone so you are able to check the quality of the code at any time. You are able to delegate tasks or change them. Also, you are in control of the time spent on each aspect. Lastly, you decide what tools are used to carry out this project.

How to gain maximum results when using IT staffing?

To gain maximum results with IT staffing there are certain aspects that need to fall into place. There are aspects on the IT staffing agency side and your side that are a must-have for this partnership to work.

Company newcomers, personnel & staff

What should you expect from your IT staffing agency?

Staffing agencies should offer their customers a few things to make cooperation easier. Some of these things include a risk-free trial period, signing an NDA, and more.

Risk-free trial period

The first thing you want to look for in an IT staffing company is whether they offer a risk-free trial period.

Sign an NDA

The next important aspect especially when it comes to custom software development is signing an NDA. A non-disclosure agreement will protect your privacy.


Lastly, they should be completely transparent about how the process works. Also, they should explain what to expect, and who you will be adding to your team as augmented staff.

Moreover, by providing you with full transparency, you should be able to interview potential staff. Afterward, you should choose the programmers that you would like to hire for your team.

What should I have in place in my company?

Prior to using IT staff augmentation services, there are a few things that you need to have sorted out.

In-house team members

Have an in-house team. This team should include software developers, QA testers, Product Owners, Project Managers, etc.

Know your talent gaps

Know what tech talent gaps you currently possess in your team. This way you can fill them using team augmentation.

Processes & procedures

Have processes, procedures, and workflow in place to be able to onboard new team members.

Top staff augmentation companies providing career opportunities

What are some other staffing options?

You can look beyond staff augmentation providers for extra talent to fill your team. There are other staffing solutions that can provide similar services. Some popular team extension alternatives include managed services and consulting services.

Staff augmentation vs managed services

Staff augmentation is a strategy that companies use when they need to expand their workforce. They turn to staff providers who can provide them with temporary employees on demand.

This is a more cost & time-effective option than hiring full-time employees and it allows the company to have access to more skill sets. It is also more flexible than other hiring models.

On the other hand, managed services are a strategy that companies use when they need additional help with their workforce. They usually take on administrative tasks.

These tasks are associated with hiring and managing employees. Along with tasks such as payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.

Staffing agencies vs consulting companies

Staff augmentation as before mentioned is a model in which the client hires staff from an external company.

These staff members work for the client on the premises or remotely. They are supervised by the client’s employees.

Now, a consulting agency plays a completely different role. When you use consulting services they typically guide you on how to better your business in various aspects.

Moreover, a consulting agency typically looks at the big picture. They give you suggestions to put in place in your business to make it better. Yet, they do not carry out these suggestions themselves. Moreover, they do not give you extra staff.

Consulting services example:

A consulting company can give you marketing advice. They can tell you how to market your business online to get more customers. They can show you how to use social media to get more leads and therefore more customers and more money.

TL;DR: Summary of how to find an IT staff augmentation company

Finding the right staff augmentation company can be done in just four easy steps. The first is doing your research online to find reputable agencies near you. The second is contacting these staffing firms to get a better understanding of whether their services meet your needs.

Once you found a company that best meets your expectations, you should be able to interview potential developers that you want to hire. Lastly, you should sign a contract to hire coders from the staffing firm.

There are some fundamentals that you want to have in place before employing someone from a staffing agency. The first is having an in-house team. Also, knowing the skill gap that you need to fill, and lastly, having an onboarding process in place.

Alternatives to staff augmentation include managed services and consulting services. You can also try outsourcing services and of course traditional recruitment.

Grab a 👉 free consultation 👈 with us to learn more about staff augmentation services.

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