Top 8 Reasons You Should Recruit Developers Via IT Staff Augmentation

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Using IT staff augmentation can make software engineer recruitment a whole lot easier. You gain access to a wider talent pool and can hire developers quickly. There are a few other reasons why it’s worth using this hiring solution. Check them out.

Woman discussing to recruit via IT staff augmentation

When you recruit developers via IT Staff Augmentation you are able to gain the skills that your project demands. This hiring model is becoming a go-to solution for tech companies. More and more entrepreneurs are utilizing it to expand their technical teams. While also covering internal logistics challenges.

IT staff augmentation enables you to recruit developers that are pre-vetted and from a wider talent pool. Moreover, you can gain technical expertise that is top-notch and can fill the gap that exists in your organization.

But what exactly is IT Staff Augmentation, and why should tech companies consider using this service? Let’s explore why IT Staff Augmentation is surging in popularity. And the 8 key reasons tech companies should look to recruit developers through IT Staff Augmentation.

Why IT Staff Augmentation is Surging in popularity

IT Staff Augmentation is a comprehensive service solution. It combines project outsourcing and technical staffing. Companies can tackle their recruitment challenges through IT Staff Augmentation. In order to hire software developers faster. Moreover, it is a more cost-effective option in comparison to traditional hiring methods.

It’s becoming a go-to solution for tech businesses that experience difficulties with recruiting permanent staff members due to:

  • budget restraints
  • or limits on the number of staff available for hire

IT Staff Augmentation makes it easier for companies access to a global pool of technical talent. This includes pre-vetted software developers, who are ready to work. All the company has to do is onboard them to their team.

The 👉 advantages of IT Staff Augmentation 👈 are numerous:

  1. Companies can benefit from the flexibility of having a team of experts on hand to help with specific projects. All without having to commit to long-term contracts.
  2. Additionally, IT Staff Augmentation can help companies save money on recruitment costs. As they don’t have to pay for the time and resources associated with traditional recruitment methods.
  3. Finally, IT Staff Augmentation can help companies access a larger pool of talent. Because they can source from a global network of professionals.
Recruiting developer via IT staff augmentation

8 reasons you should recruit via IT Staff Augmentation

There are 8 reasons you should recruit programmers via the IT staff augmentation model. This hiring model offers you:

  • pre-vetted software developers
  • access to a global talent pool
  • predictable costs
  • talent on demand
  • access to developers with experience in niche technologies
  • the ability to take a load off your human resource department
  • the ability to support your project management team better
  • 14-day risk-free guarantee to try out augmented teams

Let us break down each one in more detail below.

Pre-vetted software developers

Working with a staffing partner takes away the traditional hassle of recruiting software developers. The pool of available candidates is pre-vetted by the vendor. This makes it easier for businesses to find qualified software developers who have the skills required for specific projects.

The pre-vetting process also ensures that the tech company is only presented with the most suitable candidates for the job. The business owner has a great chance of hiring the right person for the job, the first time around.

Here at Swyply, our developers are run through a 👉 recruitment process 👈 where we can verify their technical skills and soft skills. This way we can ensure our customers are gaining top-notch professionals. Believe it or not, not all staff augmentation companies vet their tech talent, giving their customers a mixed bag of software developers.

Talent pool of candidates waiting for a job interview

Global talent pool

IT Staff Augmentation also allows businesses to widen the range of potential software developers they can employ. With the open global pool of talented software developers, tech companies have access to a much wider range of candidates. This can prove invaluable when trying to find someone with specific skills or experiences.

Additionally, 👉 IT Staff Augmentation 👈 can help businesses to save time and money. By outsourcing certain roles, companies can avoid the costs associated with recruiting and staffing new employees.

Furthermore, the process of finding the right candidate can be much faster, as the pool of potential candidates is much larger than it would be with traditional hiring methods. You are no longer limited to your local market.

Predictable costs

IT Staff Augmentation also allows companies to 👉 better predict their costs 👈. Hiring a developer via IT staff augmentation can make planning a budget easier. You are paying a daily rate and there are no hidden or unexpected costs. Moreover, you are hiring a temporary developer on a contract. Therefore, you know exactly, how long they will be on your team. You know when that cost starts and ends.

Additionally, if you work with a company like Swyply, certain costs are no longer your concern. For example, here at Swyply, we pay for our software developers’ health insurance, taxes, sick leave, and vacation time.

Moreover, we pay and provide them with ongoing training. Or professional development courses. Additionally, we offer them laptops and cofinance home office furniture. Lastly, Swyply, offers 👉 employee perks 👈such as gym memberships, e-learning courses, etc. So you do not have to pay for these things yourself when you use staff augmentation.

Developer working on an tech project on demand

Talent on demand

Using IT staff augmentation services you can get software developers to join your team in as little as one week. They are sitting there ready to go and help with your project. You choose developers from a variety of different tech stacks to make sure that your project needs are met.

Moreover, as you will also find out below in our guarantee section, you can also switch developers more easily if there are project changes. You can add, switch and remove with little hassle in comparison to other recruitment solutions.

Additionally, this is a great solution if you cannot wait 3 to 6 weeks via 👉 traditional recruitment 👈 to hire someone. This is an excellent option if you are sitting there thinking ‘I need a developer yesterday’. Here at Swyply, we can provide you with a software developer to join your team ASAP. No more delays and waiting around for the right candidate to fall into your funnel.

Developers with experience in niche technologies

Have you ever had trouble finding a developer that specializes in niche technologies? Do you desperately need a coder with experience in developing Artificial Intelligence? Or Machine Learning? But your local market is depleted or simply doesn’t possess these skills.

IT staff augmentation services can help you find software engineers who have specialized skills in niche technologies. We can find them from 👉 various locations across the world 👈, including countries that are known for having the best developers. So you are bound to find as many of these niche experts as you need with little to no struggle.

Take a load off your human resource department

You don’t have to scale or burden your human resource department when you use staff augmentation services. The searching, scouting, recruiting, and paperwork are on the staffing vendor.

A staff augmentation company will help you find experienced developers without burdening your human resource team. They will handle all the paperwork as well. The only thing your team will need to worry about is the onboarding process. And paying the monthly resource.

Project managers using IT staff augmentation to hire new developers

Better support your project management team

If you ask any project manager their biggest challenge is trying to complete a project with a skill gap. In order for your 👉 project managers to be successful 👈 they need the appropriate employees in the right place.

They need to have the tech skills necessary to ensure that the project moves forward. And this helps them avoid delays. They are able to stick to deadlines and manage the project budget.

Moreover, if you hire Swyply developers, you gain someone who can do more than code your project. They can also act as consultants. Our developers are able to explain difficult technical solutions. Furthermore, they can provide you with a new perspective and new ideas that will make your IT project better.

Lastly in the event that something changes during the development process, your project manager can add, switch, or let go of augmented developers. For example, you can add a new developer if your customer requests a new feature that needs a different tech stack than you currently have available.

14-day risk-free guarantee

However, here at Swyply, we also offer our customers a 👉 14-day risk-free trial period 👈. During this time our customer can switch developers if something is not working out. Or you can end our cooperation and not pay a cent for the two-week period.

This gives you the flexibility you need, especially because we know that projects change. Also, sometimes a person may not work for you, for whatever reason and you need to add someone new.

You can try out the staff augmentation model with little to no risk. You can use this 14-day trail to see for yourself if this hiring process is right for you. Moreover, if this cooperation model is the right option for your tech company.

Why do you need to start using IT Staff Augmentation services for your tech company?

There are two main reasons why you need to start using IT staff augmentation services if you own a tech company. These two reasons include:

  • Expand your development team
  • Scale up your team/project and company

Let’s explore these in more detail below.

Expand your development team

Overall, IT Staff Augmentation provides a valuable resource for 👉 tech companies 👈 looking to rapidly expand their teams. They can do this without compromising on the quality of talent, or their budget.

They can hire the right developers to expand their development teams for the time period that they need. These developers don’t have to

Moreover, there is no limit on tech personnel available to hire. Additionally, there is a shorter recruitment process in place. Therefore, firms can quickly access highly qualified software developers who can make an immediate difference to their projects.

Business team working meeting to scale up their in-house team by recruiting with IT staff augmentation

Scale up or down your in-house team

IT Staff Augmentation also offers the flexibility to 👉 scale up or down 👈 depending on the project requirements. This means that tech companies can easily adjust their team size to meet the demands of their projects, without having to commit to long-term contracts or hire additional full-time staff.

During market changes, 👉 economic downturns 👈, or even company-specific scenarios, staff augmentation services can help you scale your development team. You are able to add software developers when you have an influx of projects. Whereas, if you don’t have enough projects to go around, you can let augmented developers go. Here at Swyply, in this second scenario, we require a one-month notice policy. But this is easier than other hiring models.

Moreover, IT staff augmentation services can be a long-term solution in terms of the hiring cycle. You can hire software engineers for let’s say 9 months and then not have augmented team members for a year. And then after that year, you can return and hire developers for 15 months. This does not have to be a one-time solution or a short-term option.

How to make your hiring process easier with the IT Staff Augmentation model

Using IT Staff Augmentation services allows firms access to a global pool of talent with varying skillsets and experiences. While taking away the extensive research involved in traditional hiring processes.

Moreover, it provides businesses with cost structures and set agreements to help with project planning. Also, firms can be sure they are hiring top-quality developers who provide value to the company.

It also offers businesses the flexibility to scale up or down their workforce as needed. This allows businesses to quickly adjust to changing market conditions and customer demands.

How does hiring Swyply developers using IT staff augmentation work?

Well, the 👉 process of hiring Swyply software developers 👈 can be explained in 8 easy steps. Let’s give you a quick rundown of these steps:

  1. Tell us what IT skills you are missing
  2. We will search for the right software developer
  3. You will receive anonymous resumes to review potential candidates
  4. Interview process based on the CVs you picked – during this time you can request for our developers to go through a skills test
  5. Sign the contract & hire expert programmers to extend your team
  6. Our programmers join your software development team and begin work on your project
  7. We do a monthly check-in to make sure you are happy with our cooperation
  8. Just a few weeks before the end of our contract, we will contact you to see if you need to extend our contract

It’s that simple and requires very little on your part in comparison to some other 👉 team extension models 👈.

Woman recruiting a developer via IT staff augmentation

Summary of why you should recruit developers via IT staff augmentation

In conclusion, IT Staff Augmentation is an increasingly popular service solution for tech companies. It enables companies who are looking to hire software developers more efficiently and cost-effectively. With access to a global talent pool, pre-vetted software developers, and predictable costs.

Furthermore, IT Staff Augmentation is a great way for businesses to reduce recruitment time. Additionally, manage budget restraints whilst still maintaining high-quality staff members.

You should recruit software developers via IT staff augmentation as it provides your business with access to a wide range of skills. Moreover, you gain expertise that may not be available in your local market.

Additionally, this can be especially beneficial for businesses that are looking to expand their capabilities or develop new products and services. By leveraging the skills of experienced software developers, businesses can quickly and cost-effectively bring new products and services to market.

👉 Drop us a line 👈 and let’s chat about why you should recruit coders via IT staff augmentation services.

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