How do IT staff augmentation companies acquire talented software developers?

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Are you looking to use staff augmentation as a solution to its human resource needs? Well, you might be wondering: Where do IT staff augmentation companies acquire developers? The answer, of course, is talent acquisition. Keep reading to learn more.

Software developer talent acquisition

Let’s explore the various methods used to attract and retain the best software development talent. From leveraging social media and job boards to offering competitive compensation and benefits packages, we’ll delve into the strategies that IT staff augmentation companies use to acquire talented software developers.

The IT staff augmentation process, allows companies to fill their talent gap with qualified professionals. These experienced developers have the right skills and experience to help you meet your goals. Talent acquisition is an important part of any successful IT staff augmentation strategy.

Let’s explore how IT staff augmentation acquires talented software developers to rent out, below.

What is talent acquisition in IT staff augmentation?

Talent acquisition is the process by which a company procures the human resources it needs to achieve its business goals. More specifically, talent acquisition is a much more future-thinking and complicated process. This is not a one-time process to fill an empty employee slot. This is ongoing and involves looking at the future of a business and the overall market. The talent acquisition process involves:

  • identifying,
  • attracting,
  • assessing,
  • and hiring candidates to fill vacant positions within an organization.

The talent acquisition process usually begins with the creation of a job description. The job description should attract candidates to apply for the position. Now it’s time to select candidates with the help of interviews. If a candidate is successful in the interviews, they will receive a job offer. We will look more in-depth at this process below.

What is the difference between talent acquisition vs. recruiting?

Recruiting involves filling vacant positions. This is a more short-term objective to find someone to do the job. The main goal of recruitment is to address immediate talent gaps and spot hiring. The recruitment cycle involves steps like:

  1. Preparation
  2. Sourcing
  3. Screening
  4. Selecting
  5. Hiring
  6. Pre-boarding

Whereas, talent acquisition is a continuous process. It involves acquiring specialists for your business or company’s leadership. Talent acquisition generally focuses on a strategic human resource plan and finding the right candidates for positions with specific skills. This is a more long-term strategy. We will get into more detail about the talent acquisition process in the next section.

talent aquisition - hiring new developers

What does the talent acquisition process look like for a staff augmentation company?

You can help fill your development team with the help of staff augmentation services. These services can provide you with a new team and augmented staff members that can help you through the development process.

Flexible remote team augmentation services enable you to hire a remote developer or an entire remote development team. But in order to do that they need to hire talent first. The talent acquisition process generally consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Analyzing the market and researching key roles.

The first step in the talent acquisition process is to analyze the market and research key roles. This involves understanding the needs of the organization and the skills and experience required to fill those needs.

The staff augmentation model allows the vendor to find suitable candidates to fill your dedicated team. Here at Swyply we also look to hire developers that will fit the profile that our customer is looking for. So for example, if you come to us with needs for a particular tech stack and programming languages we will find someone to meet those needs.

But we also analyze the market needs to make sure that we can keep up with the current needs. For example, now there is a huge demand for 👉 ReactJS developers 👈. We have coders who specialize in ReactJS on our in-house development team. If this changes and there is a need for a different tech stack, we make the necessary talent acquisition adjustments.

Step 2: Creating a killer job description

Once you identify the key roles, the next step is to create a job description. The job description should be clear, concise, and attention-grabbing. It should also be designed to attract the best candidates. We make sure that the job description gives a clear picture of the skillset required for the role as well as what kind of personality would be ideal for it.

Moreover, we make sure to provide an effective job title. Along with that, we list out the necessary skills. Additionally, we use keywords to optimize posting for search engine visibility.

Furthermore, we also provide our candidates with information about working on a staff augmentation basis. Also, we inform them about the various development teams they can be a part of with the help of this model. We do many other things to ensure that our job ad stands out among our competitors to attract top talent.

Step 3: Attracting highly skilled & talented software developers

The next step is to attract talent. This can be done through a variety of channels, such as job boards, social media, and recruitment agencies.

Here at Swyply, we make sure that software engineers have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a given technology stack. Moreover, they have a minimum B2 level of English to be able to communicate with our customers.

Additionally, developers from Swyply will act like consultants. They will be able to give you advice on technical solutions. Moreover, these remote developers will be able to push your project development further forward. They will be able to fill the demands that your project manager needs to make a project happen.

Step 4: Interviews

Once candidates have been identified, the next step is to assess them. This is usually done through a series of interviews. The purpose of the interviews is to assess the skills, experience, and suitability of the candidates for the role.

The Swyply 👉 in-house recruitment process 👈 involves a few stages but there are two main ones that are worth mentioning. The first one is a technical skills test. Here at Swyply, this can be in the form of live coding or a take-home assignment. During live coding, the coder will meet with one of our technical experts to supervise and analyze their skills. This will take about an hour. Whereas with a take-home assignment, you will be given a certain time frame to complete the project. Then our CTO will look over the assignment and get back to you with feedback.

The second aspect of the Swyply interview process is chatting with our head of human resources, so we get to know you better. We want to learn about you, your experience, and your interpersonal skills.

Close-up individual signing a contract

Step 5: Job offer

If a candidate is successful in the interviews, a job offer is extended. The job offer should be carefully crafted to include all of the elements that are important to the candidate, such as salary, benefits, and job satisfaction.

Sywply hires experienced developers who are ready to do their job and know how to code your project. They do not need someone to hold their hand through the process.

Step 6: Onboarding

The final step in the talent acquisition process is onboarding. This involves introducing the new hire to the organization, providing them with the necessary resources, and helping them to become a productive member of the team.

Why is the internal recruitment process of an IT staff augmentation company important?

It is important because it has a direct impact on the quality of talent that you can hire from the staff augmentation company. If they have no internal recruitment process or a poor one, chances are the developers you hire from them will be subpar.

Here at Swyply, we run our potential candidates through a very rigorous 👉 recruitment process 👈. This helps us analyze their technical expertise and their soft skills. Moreover, when we are offering to lend one of our developers to our customers, we can vouch for their skills. We are certain they have skills in the programming language you need and can meet the demands of your project.

Additionally, we have certain criteria that we want our developers to meet because we know it will be important to our customers. Our developers need to have a minimum of three years of experience in a given tech stack. Also, they need to have a minimum of B2 English to be able to communicate with our customers.

How is my talent acquisition process simplified when I use IT staff augmentation services?

Here are a few key ways your talent acquisition process is simplified if you hire through an IT staff augmentation company:

Talent acquisition is our responsibility

Well, the talent acquisition process is completely our responsibility. We search, scout, recruit, vet, and hire. You don’t have to burden or scale your human resource department in order to hire someone new. Most of the concerns are on us. But you are still able to keep your project managers happy because they will have the necessary tech talent to fill the skill gaps they need for their project.

Close up man writing code on the laptop

Augmented staff tailored to your project requirements

Furthermore, we find someone who is tailored to your needs and fits your project. You most likely won’t have to compromise on the quality of talent. If you need X-specific skills chances are you will find them through staff augmentation. Whereas, if you depend strictly on your local market, you may struggle to find hidden gems.

Reviewing CVs and interviews is a formality

Additionally, the 👉 hiring process via IT staff augmentation 👈 is usually a formality. There is not much that your head of human resources or hiring manager has to do using this model. The only things that they need to do throughout the use of this hiring process are to look through Blind CVs and pick top candidates for interviews. Afterward, they need to interview the candidates and that’s it. During the interview process, you can request to test out their skills during the accelerated hiring process. But our pre-vetting will make this strictly a formality. After you pick the right candidates we handle all the paperwork and formalities. Then they join your team and hit the ground running.


Another key aspect is that here at Swyply, we cover 👉 employee perks 👈 so you don’t have to worry about it. So we cover costs such as health insurance, taxes, sick leave, and vacation time. Moreover, we pay for professional development courses or workshops. Also, we pay for language lessons. Additionally, we provide our developers with laptops and cofinancing for home office furniture.

No more long-term hiring processes

Lastly, you no longer have to spend 3 to 6 weeks trying to recruit someone to join your dev team. Here at Swyply, you can hire a developer in 5 to 7 days. Moreover, you are able to hire more people to join your software development team faster than through other forms of recruitment. Using staff augmentation process flow you are able to hire two or three developers in one week. Whereas with typical recruitment you would be looking at hiring someone in 3 to 6 weeks. But you don’t have the burden of hiring someone permanently. You have the flexibility to let them go if need be.

Hiring manager talking with potential new software developer

Summary of how IT staff augmentation companies acquire software developers?

Staff augmentation can be a flexible method of outsourcing skilled IT services for internal management within your organization. The employee augmentation process can help reduce the time of hiring full-time employees. Moreover, this is a more cost-effective model than other extension models. You pay for developers for as long as you need them and once the cooperation is done, you no longer pay for them.

But just like any other company, you need talent acquisition to keep the wheel turning. Talent Acquisition helps companies improve recruitment strategies by focusing on organizational goals. This way employers have a chance to choose the best candidates for the job.

IT staff augmentation model involves hiring software developers through talent acquisition. Talent acquisition is five simple steps:

  1. Analyzing the market and researching key roles
  2. Creating a killer job description
  3. Attracting highly skilled & talented software developers
  4. Interviews
  5. Job offer

Then the developer hired via staff augmentation will work on a project where they will fill the role. If talent acquired via IT staff augmentation is a topic of interest for you, 👉 drop us line 👈. Let’s chat about hiring developers from Swyply, a staff augmentation vendor.

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