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Do you want a game-changing solution to software developer retention? Are you sick of the ever-changing employee roster? Well, we have a solution to help you retain software developers in your company for longer. Check it out.

Find a solution to software developer retention

IT staff augmentation is a game-changing solution to software developer retention. In order to improve employee retention rates in the software development industry, you have to get creative. It’s important to take advantage of the various options out there and implement them effectively.

So let’s get into how IT staff augmentation can help you improve software developer retention in your company.

What does software developer retention mean?

Software developer retention refers to the ability of a company to keep its employees from leaving. Staff retention is essential for any organization to ensure that they are able to meet their goals.

Also, employee retention is important as it helps organizations reduce their recruitment costs & increase employee morale. Additionally, ensuring that they have access to highly skilled developers who can build robust IT projects quickly and efficiently.

Reduce IT staff turnover definition

In 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the turnover rate of software engineers is 57%. Employee turnover is the number of IT staff that leave your company in a specific period of time, this is usually over one year.

There are three different types of employee turnover:

  • Involuntary turnover – the programmer is let go, laid off, etc.
  • Voluntary turnover – the software engineer decides to leave on their own.
  • Total turnover – both these factors combined.
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Why choose staff augmentation to reduce developer turnover?

The biggest reason to 👉 choose staff augmentation 👈 is to reduce developer turnover. Staff augmentation can help you fill that employee slot. A staff augmentation company can provide you with software developers to fill your skill gaps. These software developers can work with you short-term or long-term depending on your needs.

Plus, if for whatever reason one of these software developers decides to leave your project, the staff aug. vendor will replace him or her ASAP. This way you are not left scrambling to find a replacement. This is on the vendor and they can usually do this really quickly. That way your employee slot is always full and you have a sense of consistency.

Why is the talent retention rate so important in the software development industry?

Talent retention in the software development industry is crucial because it allows for consistency. You need consistency in the developers you hire in order to keep projects moving, meet deadlines and grow your revenue.

The constant rotation of developers and empty slots can impact your business if it’s an ongoing thing. The cost of constantly hiring new coders can really add up. The extension of projects can leave you with frustrated customers and an unsteady cash flow. Plus, not completing projects on time can give your business a bad reputation. This bad reputation can impact your revenue.

How can I attract & retain a software developer using staff augmentation?

There are numerous ways in which hiring developers via staff augmentation can help you attract and retain them. Some of these include reducing hiring time, growth opportunities, growth and salary, and so much more. Let’s explore these ways in more detail below.

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Reduce the hiring time

An extensive hiring process can be a deterrent to software developers and prevent them from applying. Or dropping out part way through the recruitment process. This enables your software development company from hiring top-notch specialists.

In a 👉 traditional hiring process 👈, the interview process alone may be longer because it may run in stages. For example, you may have the developer first meet with your Head of HR for a preliminary introduction. Then the developer will probably meet with a CTO to go through a skills test. You will want to make sure that those hard skills are the right match as you want this developer to work with you for a long time. Not to mention that with traditional recruitment, any permanent employee is an investment. And a final step might be, for the developer might meet again with HR to discuss a potential job opportunity. This interviewing process may take a few days or even a few weeks. With this hiring model, you may have to wait 3 to 6 weeks to have a developer join your development team members.

However, with staff augmentation, you can significantly shorten your recruitment time. Typically when you hire augmented staff members the hiring process is strictly a formality.

The interview process using this model is usually one or two meetings between you and the developer. These interviews last between 30 minutes to an hour and a half. No longer than that. And usually, you and the developer know whether you want to work together pretty quickly. In many cases, the offer is made not long after the interview. So with this hiring model, you can find and hire a software developer in as little as one week.

Have a strong onboarding for augmented staff

One key element to ensure success when hiring a developer is to ensure a strong onboarding. The truth is onboarding is unavoidable. But with augmented staff, this process can definitely be done a lot faster.

Here’s why?

With augmented staff, you only introduce developers to the essential parts that they need for their job. So for example, your project manager should introduce them to the tasks that they will be responsible for. Along with tools that you use internally to communicate and organize your workspace.

Additionally, you should introduce developers to any procedures and processes that are vital. For example, requesting time off or if you require technical documentation for your project.

Another key factor in strong onboarding for augmented developers is to have them meet the team members they will be working with. And to be a part of team meetings, even ones that are more integration based than work based. This way they feel like they are a part of the team and are happy to work for you.

Why is not onboarding developers bad?

There is nothing worse than not onboarding a software developer to your team or just barely glossing over the important aspects. We have seen developers being dropped into a project and left to figure things out for themselves. It’s frustrating for them. And it can be frustrating for the CEO because the project is not being done. So onboarding new hires is a must.

Employee perks are on us

When hiring developers using our staff augmentation services, the employee perks are on us. You do not have to worry about providing various perks such as:

  • gym memberships
  • language lessons
  • private health care
  • remote work
  • professional development courses
  • personal growth e-learning opportunities
  • co-financing language lessons
  • co-financing home office furniture
  • providing laptops and other hardware needed to work

We offer 👉 our developers perks 👈 to help with retention. It’s no longer enough to provide a developer with a steady wage and benefits such as health insurance. The newer generations of software developers require more to stay at a company and remain happy.

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Consistent learning & career growth opportunities for coders

Software developers seek professional growth and professional development opportunities. With the help of staff augmentation software developers are able to achieve both. They work on a project for a specified period of time which aligns with their career path. Once their commitment to the project is over, they get to move on to another exciting software project.

This allows them to consistently grow their skills and experience various projects. This form of cooperation prevents them from feeling stagnate and bored. This method of work allows them to have consistent career advancement without job hopping.

Plus the staff augmentation vendor also provides software developers with workshops, e-learning courses, etc. to allow them to grow further in their specialty.

Establishing effective communication & cooperation satisfaction

When hiring developers via staff augmentation it is important to establish effective communication. Here at Swyply, we place an emphasis on having great communication with our customers and with our developers. We also encourage our customers to have effective communication with the rented-out developers.

When hiring augmented staff it is important to include them in team meetings so they are on the same page as everyone else in the software project. Also, it is a good idea to provide feedback regularly to avoid any major issues and to keep them on track.

Here at Swyply, we will connect with our customers once every few weeks to make sure that they are happy with our cooperation. We want to be able to iron out any issues just as they occur as opposed to letting an issue fester. Plus if the customer happens to need additional software developers or a change of some kind, this is a great time to discuss that matter. Plus we are always available to our customers to help. We are not just there to provide a developer and that’s it. We like to help when we can.

As a staff augmentation vendor, we make ourselves just as available to our developers. We want to know that they are happy with their project. That they are happy with the development team they have joined.

Growth & salary for developers

You do not have to worry about growth and salary for developers if you hire them via staff augmentation services. Here at Swyply, we have growth and salary talks with our software developers every 6 months. We raise their rate accordingly to their career progression. Plus growth and salary have become somewhat of a trend in the IT industry and pretty standard practice.

The fact that we do this, means you do not have to when hiring one of our programmers. You only pay the daily rate that is stated in your contract. Plus you do not have to worry about a coder leaving the project due to financial reasons.

Not to mention that the developer is happy that their salary allows him or her to live comfortably despite the rising cost of living and inflation.

Staff augmentation vs. other extension models

Staff augmentation is just one extension model that can help in retaining software developers in your company. There are also hiring models that might be useful, some of them include:

Project outsourcing

You can hire full software development teams to complete the software project for you. So you do not have to worry about trying to retain a software developer on your team. Plus you get your business objectives met.

Managed services

This is an excellent solution if you need more than just developers. Managed services provide you with IT infrastructure along with programmers. They work as a third party and take over your entire IT department.

Staffing retainer

A staffing retainer company will retain a number of software developers for you, for a specific period of time. But once that time is over, they move these developers to other customers. And the chances of you getting the exact same developer or developers are slim.

Each of these 👉 extension models 👈 enables you to use external resources to meet your software development needs.


TL;DR: Staff augmentation a solution to reduce software developer turnover

Let’s give you a quick run of why IT staff augmentation is a game-changing solution to software developer retention. IT staff augmentation can you retain software developers because it enables you to:

  • Reduce the hiring time: the recruitment process only takes a few days as opposed to several weeks.
  • Have a strong onboarding for augmented staff: temporary developers who feel welcome and part of the team will want to work for you longer
  • Employee perks are on us: the staff augmentation vendor will cover perks for developers such as gym memberships, language lessons, e-learning classes, etc.
  • Consistent learning & career growth opportunities for coders: the ability for coders to work on various projects that align with their career path. Moreover, they are able to grow professionally through workshops, e-learning, etc.
  • Establishing effective communication & cooperation satisfaction: communication between all parties to ensure satisfaction is key. Communication between the staffing vendor, the customer, and the developer is like oxygen. Any company or relationship without communication dies.
  • Growth & salary for developers: offering developers a growth in their hourly rate every 6 months to make sure they do not leave a project due to financial reasons.

Staff augmentation is just one extension model that can help you retain software developers in your company. Some other hiring models that might help you keep developer retention rates high include:

  1. Project outsourcing
  2. Managed services
  3. Staffing Retainer

But these options may not help you retain developers in your in-house team. Or they may offer more than just a development talent such as IT infrastructure, non-technical staff, etc.

IT staff augmentation is the best solution for software developer retention because you can add developers to your team as your project needs it. You can switch developers if anything changes. Plus you can remove developers when you need to scale back due to a lack of work. Staff augmentation allows for improved scalability in comparison to other models.

So, if you want to use IT staff augmentation as the solution to software developer retention, 👉 drop us a line 👈. Let’s have a free no obligation chat.

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