How to use IT staff augmentation to streamline your hiring process

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Did you know you can use IT staff augmentation to streamline your hiring process? You can hire temporary developers more efficiently with the help of a staffing vendor than with other recruitment methods. Let’s explore how this is possible.

Business women using IT staff augmentation to streamline your hiring process

Let’s explore how to leverage IT staff augmentation to streamline your hiring process. As businesses strive to adapt to rapidly changing technology landscapes, finding the right talent can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

However, by embracing IT staff augmentation, companies can tap into a flexible and scalable solution. That enables them to quickly acquire skilled professionals and meet their project needs with ease.

IT staff augmentation means

IT staff augmentation is part of the outsourcing model and it enables companies to hire software developers on a temporary basis. Also, it helps companies fill short-term or long-term employment slots on a project basis.

A streamlined hiring process means

A streamlined hiring process refers to a simplified and efficient approach to staffing. It involves attracting, evaluating, and selecting candidates for job positions. It involves removing unnecessary steps. Moreover, reducing the time and effort required to identify qualified candidates and make hiring decisions.

This streamlined approach typically involves optimizing recruitment strategies. It means implementing automated systems, using pre-employment assessments, and minimizing administrative tasks. This is all with the goal of improving the overall speed and effectiveness of the hiring process.

What do I need to do to streamline my recruitment process with IT staff augmentation?

There are a couple of things that you need in order to streamline your recruitment process with 👉 IT staff augmentation 👈. The first is the skill gap. The second is how long you need temporary coders for your project. Let’s dive into these two aspects in more detail.

Know what skill gap you are missing

So this is a topic that we will beat to death, but if you want to use staffing augmentation then you need to know 👉 what skill gap you are missing 👈. You need to know what tech talent you need to hire to help fill your existing team.

You need to take a look at your in-house team and see what team members would make it better. Or where there is a struggle and additional resources would make that struggle disappear. So perhaps you are developing a mobile app and you need a front-end developer to create an interactive user interface. You can use IT staff augmentation to find that front-end developer to fill that gap.

Modern and equipped computer lab with developers working on a 9 month project

Know how long you need the developer to be on your team

You should have a timeline for your software development project. Therefore, you should have an idea of when it ends. Moreover, you should have an estimation of how long you need a temporary coder to be a part of that project. This can be short-term or long-term but there should be a schedule.

Based on this timeline a staff augmentation company can accommodate you better. They can provide you with a developer that can meet that commitment. Moreover, once that commitment is over, the developer can have a new project to jump into. This way all parties are happy.

Ways IT staff augmentation can streamline your hiring processes

Well, when you use IT staff augmentation services you can streamline the hiring process in a number of ways. Let’s dive into it.

Large talent pool

Your hiring managers thanks to staff augmentation services will gain access to a wider talent pool of suitable candidates. In fact, they can gain access to a global talent pool so they can pick the countries known for the best software engineers in the world. You can increase the caliber of talent on your in-house development team.

You are no longer limited to your local developers which will also make finding niche technologies programmers easier. There is a huge boom in niche technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and much more. This boom will continue, as we learn more about these technologies and use them more and more in our lives. Therefore, for tech companies to stay competitive they will need to hire developers that specialize in these niche technologies and offer software development in that realm. IT staff augmentation can make that much easier with the wide pool of talent staffing companies have available.

Swyply has two sources of developers that our customers can gain candidates from. The first is our in-house development team & second is from partnering software houses. Giving them plenty of options to find the developer right for their project.

Programmer working a technical skills test to prove he is the right man for the job

Pre-vetted developers

If you partner with Swyply, as your staff augmentation vendor then you gain pre-vetted software developers. These developers have been run through our rigorous recruitment process. This way we have a good idea of their technical and soft skills.

We have verified their technical skills through a skill test. Our skill tests can take on one of two forms. The first one is live coding. The candidate meets with one of our technical specialists and codes a project on a video call. While the second the candidate gets a take-home assignment to complete within a certain time frame.

Thanks to our prevetting of these developers you avoid certain problems. First of all, you don’t have the problem that someone is lying on their resume. Moreover, you avoid the problem of someone faking their skills on their take-home test assignment. Also, we have more information about their background in terms of what technical skills they feel strong in, and which ones are worse. So you have a smaller risk in terms of hiring the wrong person.

We search for the ideal software engineer(s) for you

IT staff augmentation can help you hire top talent that is tailored to your job description. We can find a candidate that will meet your specifications. Moreover, we search through all the candidates, and we do the vetting, so your human resource department is given a much-needed break.

We take the time to do resume screening to ensure they match your precise job description. Moreover, we take on scheduling interviews for you and the candidates to meet. Then once you choose who you would like to hire, we help with the paperwork.

Businesswomen discussing job responsibilities during interview

The interview and skill test is usually a formality

When you hire a developer through IT staff augmentation, the hiring process is usually a formality. You get to verify the things that we told you along with the information that you found in the candidate’s Blind CV. You can take the time to talk with each candidate and get a feel for their soft skills. Moreover, you can request for the candidate to do a skills test, to verify that they match their project.

When you hire through IT staff augmentation, there are a few things that you can avoid. First of all, you avoid a common scenario where someone forgets and simply doesn’t show up to their scheduled interview. We make sure that the developer shows up to the interview process. Therefore, you are not wasting your time and the recruitment process moves at a brisk pace.

Moreover, we help with communication after the interview with your candidates of choice. We contact them to ensure they are in communication with you. This way you don’t have to worry that you are trying to hire someone, and they aren’t answering their emails, phone calls, etc. Again, this will speed up a developer joining your team and getting to work.

This process usually only takes about one week

Hiring with the help of IT staff augmentation is a drastically shorter process than hiring using the traditional process. Here at Swyply, we can help you add someone to your team in as little as 7 days.

This is much shorter than using 👉 in-house recruitment processes 👈, where you might need to wait anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks in order to hire someone. Many tech companies can’t afford to wait this long to hire a developer. In fact, in most cases as a business owner, you might find that you needed to hire this person as of yesterday. Well with IT staff augmentation this is possible. Swyply can provide you with developers to fill your team quickly and with less hassle.

You have a 14-day free-trail period

When you hire developers through Swyply, you get a 👉 guarantee period 👈. This is the time to test out the developer you hired. You have this time to see if he or she is the right fit for your team. Do the skills of the developer match your project? Are they a good fit for your company culture? And more.

If yes, then fantastic. If not we have a few options for you. The first one you can switch the developer for another developer. The other option is you can end our cooperation. This guarantee is not possible within other 👉 team extension models 👈.

Using traditional recruitment processes you are not able to switch developers as quickly. Moreover, the more often to hire and terminate employees, the more money you spend on recruitment and HR. This can quickly run your company into the red if you are not careful. Also, constant turnover can lead to overall bad company morale, which is something that you want to avoid.

Smiley women working together on posting ads on job boards

Your human resource department doesn’t need to be scaled & has a lighter workload

A lot of the time human resource departments tend to be very complex. They have many different parts from headhunters who are in charge of sourcing candidates. Then you have administrators that handle the paperwork involved with hiring a new employee. You also have staff who is in charge of onboarding.

Now when you use IT staff augmentation a lot of this work is avoided or cut to a minimum. As we mentioned earlier the staffing augmentation provider will search for the talent, so you don’t need a headhunter. You don’t need someone who will source the candidates. The IT staffing company does the searching for you.

Also, all the paperwork is made easier as well. When you hire a temporary coder, you don’t have to put them on your payroll. You don’t have to go through all the formalities you would if you had a permanent hire. With augmented staff typically you only need one contract. Then you have to do an 👉 onboarding for augmented coders 👈 which should be much faster as well.

The onboarding process with augmented software developers is accelerated because they only need access to tools, procedures, and processes that are necessary to their job. They do not need information about the history of the founder. But they will need information about company culture. Moreover, they will need information about who they report to. And how to apply for vacation time or inform about sick leave. This process should take a couple of days as opposed to a few weeks. So again, your human resource department has less work and doesn’t have to scale to manage extra hired staff.

Colleagues interviewing to a new candidate. job interview process

TL;DR: Summary of how to use IT staff augmentation to streamline your hiring process

Let’s summarize all the ways that IT staff augmentation will streamline your hiring process. These ways include the following:

  • Access to a large talent pool
  • Pre-vetted developers
  • The vendor searches for the ideal software engineer for your team
  • Using staff augmentation the interview process is strictly a formality
  • The hiring process with IT staffing takes about a week
  • You have a 14-day risk-free trial period
  • Your human resource department doesn’t need to be scaled & has a lighter workload

So why not shorten your hiring process and remove any unnecessary parts with IT staff augmentation? IT staff augmentation can make hiring developers a breeze. Don’t struggle with other recruitment methods. Save your time and money with this hiring solution. If you want to learn more, 👉 drop us a line 👈. Let’s have a free no-obligation chat on how IT staffing augmentation can get you a developer in the blink of an eye, with little hassle and stress.

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