How to avoid hiring the wrong person?

Have you ever hired the wrong employee? Are you sick of constantly ending up with bad hires? Sometimes you can’t tell that the candidate isn’t suitable until they start working for you. While other times you can avoid hiring the wrong person. Check out how below.

Costs associated with consulting vs IT staff augmentation

Let’s explore costs associated with consulting vs IT staff augmentation. This way you can choose which IT service model is right for you. Check out which will save you money, which is cost effective & how to optimize your budget with either option below.

How to reduce hiring risks?

Are you wondering how to reduce hiring risks during the recruitment process? Well, don’t worry we have got you covered. Check out our guide on how to mitigate risks when looking to hire new employees.

How to interview software engineers?

Let us help guide you on how to interview software engineers to recruit & hire the best talent for your tech company. The interview process & questions can make a huge difference in the type of tech talent you hire.

Employee training is an expense or an investment?

Many employers are finally beginning to understand the importance of employee training. However, if you are one of those business owners who wonder whether the expense of employee development is worth it? Does the investment actually bring you benefits? Don’t worry we got you covered. Let’s explore whether employee training is an expense or an investment. Perhaps, we can convince you to invest in employee development. Check it out.