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IT staff augmentation services provide companies with a viable way to fill talent gaps. It has proven to be beneficial to business operations. However, there are still many IT staff augmentation myths that need to be cleared up. So let’s take a deeper look at this staffing solution.

Debunking IT staff augmentation myths

In the digital era today, new ideas have emerged and staffing augmentation isn’t an exception. Leading companies accept IT staff augmentation services as an effective bridge between IT and business and optimize all projects.

IT staff augmentation enables you to hire the number of developers you need without hurting your bottom line. Also, more working hands equals better productivity which leads to overall better efficiency. Lastly, projects completed on time can help you boost your revenue.

In spite of these strong, unique advantages for companies there are still some myths surrounding 👉 IT staff augmentation services 👈. Many of these myths cause IT companies to shy away from team augmentation providers. However, we are here to demystify the majority of them and set the record straight. Keep reading and stop letting myths get in the way of a potentially great business solution.

Deflating common myths about IT staff augmentation

Let’s speak about hiring via IT staff augmentations – it is one of those hiring models that has gotten more and more myths over the years. Believing in these myths can prevent the growth of your company and in some cases make day-to-day business operations more complicated. So let’s dispel staff augmentation myths.

Pay just the hourly rates with staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation services are cheaper than internal hiring

Some business managers are still inclined to hire permanent staff instead of augmented staff. When comparing the salaries of permanent employees to those hired via staff augmentation. They conclude the lather is less expensive.

Not true!

Staff augmentation services can be more expensive than hiring someone internally.

But, what most people forget is that every major cost is covered by the service provider who provides remote IT experts to hire. There are direct and indirect expenses you could reduce internally if you hire an augmented staff member. Some of them include taxes, health care, sick leave, vacation leave, retirement benefits, etc.

Project management & project development process

IT staff augmentation results in poor-quality software development

The belief is that using developers from a staff augmentation provider is that you will get mediocre products. Moreover, there will be delays. Also, you may have issues with technical documents and soft capabilities.

All of this is not true.

A staff augmentation company allows you to hire experts of trusted software developers. The developer goes through a rigorous and extensive recruitment process. This includes testing their coding skills. We want to ensure that they are suitable for your software development project.

All developers are pre-approved and pre-vetted by the company before they are put on a shortlist for you.

Businessman checking project development and consulting watch

Using IT staff augmentation you have no control over your project

When you hire people outside of your organization, there may be a sense that you are losing control of your projects. You may think that since it’s not just your local team, you are no longer in charge.

So not true!

You are still going to have complete control over your project when using a staff improvement system. Also, you decide how to proceed with your project. You pick from a selection of technology to use. Moreover, you pick IT personnel enhancements to fill out your team. Lastly, you pick out development/test techniques.

It is up to you to decide on the IT Staff Enhancement Team. You can also hire developers that fit your budget. In fact, one of the 👉 goals of staff augmentation 👈 is to maintain control over your projects and keep them in-house.

IT staff augmentation is only suitable for large-scale companies

Many business owners assume that IT staff augmentation services are only suitable for large-scale companies to help extend their teams because they have the financial resources.

This is a myth! IT staff augmentation is a great solution for businesses of all sizes.

Staff augmentation services can help you hire additional staff when the market demands it and when you cannot afford to hire permanent employees.

For example:

You are a small SaaS company that needs developers for a SaaS product to continue growing your business. Staff augmentation can help you hire developers for a limited time to complete your project, scale your business and potentially increase your revenue. Once the project is done you are no longer obligated to keep them on the bench or pay for them.

There are 👉 various other tech companies 👈 that use IT staff augmentation as a solution to their staffing needs. So whether you are a company that is just starting out and needs more hands to complete projects or a tech giant, you can use IT staffing to fill your talent gaps.

Using IT staff augmentation leads to communication problems

Developers who work via staff augmentation services can cause your company communication problems.


At Swyply, developers work remotely and have excellent communication abilities.

The employee enhancement services provider will provide you with tips to ensure the seamless integration of the augmented resources and your in-house team.

Several companies have video chats with the help of modern communication tools. Tools such as Zoom, Google Meets, etc.

They schedule calls at optimum times to allow onsite teams and remote teams to work & collaborate together.

Moreover, to aid in the exchange of communication and information many IT firms use tools such as Jira, Confluence, and others.

Team of developers trying to meet a determined time frame

IT staff augmentation reduces overall productivity & efficiency

Using augmented staff to fill out your team and having them be a remote team reduces overall productivity and efficiency.

Absolutely not true!

First off when you hire additional coders through staff augmentation services you gain more working hands meaning:

  • you can spread out the workload more evenly among all team members
  • you can tackle additional projects that you may not have had enough resources to handle previously

Therefore, you increase productivity and efficiency all around. Now when we look at the aspect of remote work, it is considered a standard in the IT industry. Many IT professionals are more productive due to being in a comfortable environment.

Additionally, they have a greater work-life balance. This can lead to an increase in motivation to work. Not to mention the number of studies done that verify the idea that remote work actually boosts productivity.

IT staff augmentation may cause data privacy & confidentiality issues

“My data is going to be leaked and other valuable company information will be shared with the wrong person”

This may be the first thing that comes to your mind as a CEO or hiring manager when told to consider IT staff augmentation services. Well, let me put you at ease and tell you that this will not happen.

Here’s why:

When you use IT staff augmentation to hire additional developers to join your team. The project that they will be working on remains in your company. Moreover, it remains in your complete control.

This is not like the outsourcing model where you hand over a project, a big chunk of it to a third party to complete without your input. Also, it’s in a way like handing over a development project to a software company to do completely from A to Z.

Moreover, most staff augmentation companies will sign a non-disclosure agreement. This will protect your company’s privacy. A fun fact is that one of the 👉 big trends in staff augmentation 👈 for the year 2024 is better security of software development projects.

Find the right staff augmentation company

How to find your ideal IT staff augmentation partner?

So if you are at the beginning of your journey and need to find a staff augmentation partner, follow these 4 easy steps to make your process easier.

  1. Review various staff augmentation companies and get testimonials from their customers
  2. Contact each staff augmentation company. Try to gain more details about how they work, what they can offer you, and the 👉 cost of their staffing services 👈
  3. Once you found a staff augmentation partner that you like, make sure to take the time and interview potential software developers that you want to hire temporarily.
  4. Lastly, once you have selected the programmers to join your dedicated development team make sure that you sign a contract with the IT staff augmentation company.

Get a more in-depth view of 👉 how to find an IT staff augmentation company 👈 in order to hire augmented resources.

Benefits of IT staff augmentation

Check out the advantages of using IT staff augmentation services.

Business leader consulting HR expert about candidates

Reduced recruitment time & cost

One of the biggest benefits of staff augmentation is it can save you precious time and money on recruitment. Hiring staff using the traditional recruitment process can be a long process. Typically it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks before a software engineer joins your IT team.

Now when you use a staff augmentation firm to hire new employees this time frame is reduced significantly. For example, at Swyply, in most circumstances, we can lend out coders in as little as 5 to 7 days. What a difference right?

Also, using staff augmentation services to hire dedicated developers can reduce the cost of recruitment. This is especially true if you are considering using an HR agency. Let’s be honest using an HR company to help recruit quality software engineers can be expensive.

Most likely an HR company or a recruitment firm will charge you one or two months’ salary for the programmer you wish to employ.

So for example:

If you are 👉 hiring a Front-End Developer 👈 who makes around $6000 per month, you will pay the HR agency between 6000 and 12,000 dollars. Crazy right?

So using staff augmentation services can help you save a pretty penny in the long run in comparison to other solutions on the market.

Success partnership successful contract greeting partner leadership

Flexible contract to meet your needs

Staff augmentation allows you to hire developers on a contract basis for the duration of your project. Not only that but check it out IT staff augmentation will allow you to curate a contract that suits your needs. Now, most staff augmentation providers have a minimum time frame that the developer or dedicated team must work for you.

Swyply programmers can join your project for a minimum of 3 months. But we love long-term projects that last 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, or even longer.

Recruitment agency searching for job applicants

Bridge to hire

Do you need a software developer temporarily while you find someone who can fill this role on a permanent basis?

Use augmented staff members for particular software development tasks while waiting to hire permanent employees. You can hire one or more of our remote developers for a minimum of 3 months. They will join you on a project basis. Giving you time to recruit someone to permanently join your in-house team.

Hiring temporary programmers while you proceed with traditional recruitment can help you:

  • keep projects going and meet your deadlines
  • safeguard against financial losses
  • avoid being short-staffed

Staff augmentation services in an excellent solution when you need a temporary bridge before hiring someone permanently.

Staff augmentation support

TL;DR: Quick summary of common misconceptions about IT staffing services

So we have unraveled many myths that were stacked up against IT staff augmentation. One of the key myths that we thought was important to debunk is that hiring a staff augmentation team is less expensive than hiring internally.

This is not true. Using staff augmentation companies to help fill your talent shortage can be more expensive to start but it is worth it because you are not paying direct and indirect expenses associated with permanent employees.

Another key myth that we thought was important to set straight is that IT staffing is only suitable for large-scale companies. This is not true IT staff augmentation services can be used by businesses of all sizes big or small. Some popular customers include Startups, Software Houses, SaaS companies, etc.

Also, staff augmentation teams do not result in poor-quality software development. Remember that any developer or team of programmers you hire using IT staffing is under your control just like any in-house staff member. You monitor their work and progress. Better yet, you can also check their code to make sure that it meets your standards.

Some other myths that we discredited about IT staff augmentation include:

  • hiring programmers using a staff augmentation service will give you no control over your project
  • using remote developers via staff augmentation services there will be communication problems
  • that augmented teams will not be as productive or efficient and cause you to miss project deadlines
  • software engineers from a staff augmentation company may cause data privacy & confidentiality issues

Did we debunk some myths about IT staff augmentation?

So, hopefully, we were able to debunk some popular IT staff myths for you and maybe convince you that this solution may be worthwhile. If you are looking to learn more about these myths and the facts feel free to 👉 drop us a line 👈 and book a free no obligation chat.

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